What We Believe

NLC Cultural Values

support our beliefs
and best practices.

Cultural Values – What We Believe

Our cultural values clarify the beliefs that we already care about and create our nonnegotiable behavior boundaries.

Our Values: Satisfying and Delighting

  • We exceed our customer’s expectations during every interaction.
  • We provide an environment that is happy and welcoming.
  • We provide new knowledge and skills which inspire our customers to go beyond their perceived limits.
  • We create customers that do more than attend our programs; they speak to others with high regard about our company.

Our Values: Quality and Innovation

  • We offer programs based on best practices and delivered by talented and knowledgeable presenters.
  • We offer programs and services that are highly regarded in terms of time invested and dollars paid.
  • We respond rapidly to change.
  • We are each responsible for the quality of whatever we do.

Our Values: Respect and Enjoyment

  • We are committed to integrity and trust in everything we do.
  • We believe in being genuine, keeping commitments, listening, and having open communication.
  • We delight ourselves by learning and having fun.
  • We respect and value our customers, our supporters, and each other.