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International Fellowship Canadian (IFCA)





Remote Options

Hybrid (Some In-Person Required)

Cause Type

International, Foreign Affairs & National Security


To promote self-reliance and sustainability of refugees and immigrants through skills training, empowerment and education within the host communities

We serve

Urban refugee women at risk, Refugee children and youth

Our greatest accomplishment last year

scholarship for 30 refugee primary school children and 40 vocational training placement for refugee youth


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Reasons to serve on our board

Contribution to a Noble Humanitarian Cause.Joining our board today is the first step in contributing to improving the lives of urban refugee women, children, and youth. Every decision made by the board has a positive impact directly and indirectly on the lives through implementing our programs

Our ideal candidate

IFCA needs individuals withLeadership Experience in Humanitarian Work. We look for an individual with extensive and relevant leadership, strategy, and risk management experiences.Corporate Governance.An individual with sufficient applicable experience fully understands the legal and other responsibilities of an independent director of a nonprofit organization.Strong Personality. An individual with qualities can make substantial contributions to board decisions. These qualities include intelligence, self-assuredness, a high ethical standard, interpersonal skills, independence, courage, a willingness to ask difficult questions, communication skills, and commitment.Availability.An individual willing to commit and has sufficient time available to discharge the duties of a board member. Our board members should not have any prohibited interlocking relationships.Compatibility.Individuals who can relate with other board members and contribute to the board's working relationship with the senior management of IFCA towards achieving our goal.

Our current board size


Time commitment

3 hours per meeting (every three months) for the meetings organized

Where we meet

How often we meet

Every after three months and AGM at the end of the year. The meeting is virtually organized

Contact name

Michael Tesfui, Country Director

Contact email

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Date posted

January 23, 2023