meet our BOARD


Stacy Baier

Senior Vice President

Helios Education Foundation

Strategy & Innovation Task Force, Chair

I believe building the knowledge, skills and talents of leaders within the nonprofit sector is what will make the greatest difference in finding solutions to the community’s most significant challenges. I appreciate being part of an organization like the Nonprofit Leadership Center that assists the sector in maximizing a donor’s investment by leveraging the capacity of the individuals leading and working within nonprofits.

A Black woman with short black hair wearing a green jacket and black top

Lisa Brody

Chief Strategy Officer

Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg

When I think of the heartbeat of our community, I immediately think of our nonprofit organizations. On a daily basis, nonprofit organizations strengthen the fabric of our community and play a vital role in building healthy communities by providing critical services that contribute to economic stability and mobility.  Since its inception over 20 years ago, NLC has been the leader in the Tampa Bay region for strengthening the capacity of our local nonprofits and nonprofit leaders. As a career nonprofit leader and current member of the philanthropic sector, I am honored to serve on the NLC Board.



Mariana Bugallo-Muros

HR Consultant & Advisor


My passion is developing others to be the best they can be. I have dedicated my career to the health care and public sectors because I wanted to make a difference and be part of the solution. How humbling and gratifying it is to serve on NLC’s board. Our nonprofits are the heartbeat and soul of our community, and I’m proud that NLC provides valuable training and development resources to the region’s nonprofit organizations.


Sheff Crowder


Conn Memorial Foundation

As the founding chair for the Nonprofit Leadership Center, I can say the vision from day one was to cultivate a nonprofit heart, a business mind and a leader’s spirit. Nearly 25 years later, the vision has not changed. I am delighted that we’ve grown into our vision for becoming an important resource for our local sector. I am proud of our growth and look forward to continued growth to better serve the nonprofit community.

Kadian_NLC-5379 website

Kadian Douglas

Managing Partner

Douglas CPAs & Consultants

Deliver high-quality results and valuable security strategy, enterprise risk governance and security assessments within fast-paced and dynamic environments. Effective collaborator with a mind toward customer satisfaction. Board member with a passion for supporting growth and mentoring leaders in the nonprofit sector.


Michele Hamilton

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Florida Blue

Vice Chair; Governance Committee Chair

Communities thrive because of the hard work of nonprofit organizations. This has sparked a passion in me toward philanthropy, especially with organizations that are working to make our community a healthier place to live and work. It’s critical for nonprofits to have a resource like NLC to help them develop, connect and grow stronger. I’m proud to serve on NLC’s board because they provide this important support to nonprofits that makes a meaningful impact in our community.

Photo of Charlie Imbergamo from the waist up, a white male wearing a navy blue suit jacket and green tie with grey hair and a beard

Charlie Imbergamo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay

Ex-Officio Officer (CEO)

My purpose is to carry out NLC’s strategic plans and policies, established by the Board of Directors.

As a leader and ex-officio member of the board of NLC, I endeavor to form and deepen multi-sector partnerships between corporate, government and nonprofit entities, including funders, board members (past, present, and future) and nonprofit leaders, with diverse backgrounds and interests.

Photo of Erin McKenney, a white woman with long brown hair wearing a black top

Erin McKenney

Capital Campaign Director

University of Tampa

The Nonprofit Leadership Center recognizes the impact of nonprofits and provides resources and leadership training to help nonprofit leaders succeed. As a participant in several NLC training courses and a graduate of the Certificate in Nonprofit Management program, I know first-hand how valuable its services are to the industry. It is an honor to serve on the board and give back to an organization that has provided so much to the nonprofit professionals in our community.


Robin Moch


M.E. Wilson

Serving on the Nonprofit Leadership Center board allows me to help a much larger number of nonprofit organizations than I could possibly help individually. What I have learned from working with NLC and attending NLC’s programs has enabled me to better assist my clients, which is an added bonus. I strive to bring a different perspective and experience to this strong and dedicated group of professionals. The connections we make truly strengthen this sector of our community.


Mindy Murphy

President & CEO

The Spring of Tampa Bay


As a nonprofit executive, I am passionate about giving our amazing team at The Spring the same opportunities for training and professional development they might find at a Fortune 500 company. And NLC delivers! With world-class programs for staff, board and volunteers – at prices our sector can afford thanks to generous community partners – we get the tools and resources we need to deliver effective, life-changing programs. As a board member, I am excited to help NLC continue innovating and advocating for nonprofits who are the heart and soul of our communities.


Nathan Penha

Senior Client Consultant


Finance Committee, Chair

There are few greater privileges than the ability to serve your community and support those who support others. I have learned, especially these past few years, that representation is critical. It has become of the utmost importance while working with youth and families of color to lead by example and humility. Giving back to my community is at the very core of who I am. It has been such an honor to serve with the Nonprofit Leadership Center as a Key Partner, a mentor through its Advancing Racial Equity on Nonprofit Boards Fellowship, and now a board member.

A white woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a blue top and gold necklace

Julie Perrelli

Philanthropy Officer

Suncoast Hospice Foundation

I love learning, and I’m passionate about building the capacity of our nonprofit community and nonprofit professionals. Our work changes lives every day.  Building the capacity of those doing the work increases the rate of speed at which we can make our communities better and stronger. NLC was there for me in a big way when I was getting started in my career, and I’m excited to be part of NLC’s board of directors and to help equip our next generation of leaders in philanthropy and service.

Photo of Michelle Sanchez, a white woman with long brown hair wearing black glasses and a black, white and red top

Michelle Sanchez


Warren Averett

Board Chair - 2024

Every day, I am fortunate to combine my skills as a CPA with my passion for nonprofits. Throughout my career in public accounting, I’ve worked with many nonprofit organizations in Tampa Bay. I am always amazed by their resilience and dedication to making our community a better place. I am honored to serve with the incredible team on the NLC board and to be an advocate for continued training and development to help our nonprofits grow even stronger.

A white woman with long brown hair wearing a pink jacket

Katie Shultz

Senior Director Community Investment

Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Nonprofit professionals pour themselves into serving our community, which makes it vital that we pour back into them through accessible and engaging industry-specific professional development opportunities.  NLC not only provides training that allows nonprofit professionals to gain the skills and knowledge key for their career progression, but also creates a space to connect, explore new ideas, and have important conversations about the challenges faced by nonprofits and the individuals they serve.  I am thrilled to be on the NLC board, ensuring that nonprofit professionals continue to receive the support and development they deserve.


Luis R Visot

Assistant Dean for Administration & Chief of Staff

University of South Florida, College of Education

As a humble servant leader who is guided by the values of authenticity, empowerment, integrity, otherness and unselfishness, I’m inspired to be part of the Nonprofit Leadership Center. Learning about our community’s nonprofit sector and its capabilities while serving those who serve others is my source of passion and compassion. I’m honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve on the NLC board as we collectively engage, educate, empower and advance the nonprofit sector.

A white woman with brown hair wearing a black jacket and pink top

Jennifer Yeagley


St. Pete Free Clinic

When I moved to the Tampa Bay region ten years ago, as a career nonprofit professional, the first thing I did was visit NLC. Through NLC, I connected with other passionate nonprofit professionals and continued my journey of continuous learning. Over the last decade, I’ve participated in NLC trainings, conferences, and affinity groups and have experienced firsthand how valuable engaging with NLC is. As a nonprofit executive who is deeply passionate about the sector, I’m thrilled to serve on the board and to play a role in the NLC’s continued growth and impact.