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Foster Parent Information Network - FPIN (MyFPN, Inc.)


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Human Services


The FPIN information-sharing website is where Illinois foster parents will find the information they need to successfully care for the children in their home. With immediate access to information critical to their child's case, the stress foster parents experience while searching for this information will be reduced, and longevity for their foster child's placement encouraged. FPIN's mission is to be the most efficient and accurate child welfare information resource for Illinois, to provide immediate access to accurate and complete Illinois child welfare information, to promote self- efficacy, confidence and ability in foster parents, and to encourage adults that have the desire to parent children that are in need of a home.

We serve

Foster parents and their foster children

Our greatest accomplishment last year

Raised $30,000 and launched


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Reasons to serve on our board

Our information-sharing platform is a unique, never been done before, approach to assisting foster parents in their quest to find the resources they need to care for the children in their home. Using today's software and AI capabilities we are able to relieve foster parents and child welfare professionals of complicated systems in obtaining critical child welfare information. FPIN is driven by the need for comprehensive child welfare information, and by the energy of our strong and active base of foster parents. At the onset, FPIN was launched as an established crowd-sourced platform for all things medical in Illinois' child welfare system. This includes medical laws, policies, procedures, providers, insurance, finances, forms and more. The platform is set up to receive limitless information from not only foster child caregivers, but also foster child service providers and child welfare professionals.

Our ideal candidate

Adopt the mission of the organization and understand its’ collective purpose. Participate in at least one committee and offer unique perspectives based on your background. Commit to generating $5000 annually. Leverage connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action to achieve the organization’s mission. Committees are: Nominating and Governance. Executive Management. Fundraising. Marketing. Finance. It and Technology.

Our current board size

3 members 4 vacancies

Time commitment

Establish a time commitment of 20 hrs. a month (depending on position this may increase or decrease), and attend all tri-annual board meetings held in February, June, and October.

Where we meet

Board will meet over zoom, or in person if possible.

How often we meet


Contact name

Amy Averbuch

Contact email

Contact phone

(773) 744-2027

Date posted

March 14, 2024