The Strategic Imperative of Well-Being: A Guide for Organizational Success

Kristen Lessig- Schenerlein MAPP, PCC, CPQC, a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair teaching in front of a class, with a blue circle in the background

The relationship between well-being and performance in the workplace has emerged as a critical factor in driving organizational success. A groundbreaking study by Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and his team from the University of Oxford and Harvard reveals a compelling association between employee well-being and profitability. As a result, workplace well-being has become a focal point in […]

WATCH: Essential Technology Updates for Non-Technical Nonprofit Leaders

Photo of Kelley Hecht, a white woman with short brown hair in a circle with a blue computer background and the words: WATCH NOW: Essential Tech Updates for Non-Tech Nonprofit Leaders

Technology is critical to every nonprofit’s success, yet many of today’s leaders represent non-technical functions, like marketing, programs, fundraising, and operations. Keeping up with emerging trends across the digital landscape and discerning what’s imperative from what may be a distraction, can be a challenge. During this free, on-demand webinar, Kelley Hecht, principal executive advisor for […]

Addressing the Nonprofit Workforce Crisis: 4 Practical Strategies

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At the Nonprofit Leadership Center, we’re on a mission to develop and connect nonprofit leaders to strengthen organizations and our communities. However, recent research from the Florida Nonprofit Alliance and National Council of Nonprofits shows that our sector is experiencing a workforce shortage crisis. Ongoing conversations with leaders who participate in our programming validate these findings.  […]

Isabella Khalili Joins Nonprofit Leadership Center As New Program Operations Manager

There is a new face at the Nonprofit Leadership Center! Please join us in welcoming Isabella Perello Khalili as our new program operations manager. In this role, Isabella will help manage many of our learning experiences, including classes, custom solutions, cohorts and our annual conference. She will also oversee participant feedback to enhance program offerings […]

How to Become a Leader Others Want to Follow

Amarela Peqini, an Albanian woman with dark brown hair in a red suit jacket, talking with Charlie Imbergamo at a desk, a white male with grey hair and glasses wearing a grey jacket. They are both looking at a document and reviewing it together.

In today’s rapidly changing world, being a leader is not about a title or position on an organizational chart. It’s about committing to live, albeit not perfectly, the qualities that inspire trust, foster growth, and cultivate a culture of excellence. Becoming a leader others want to follow requires developing essential skills that are often difficult […]

16 Rising Nonprofit Leaders in Hillsborough County Chosen for Prestigious Leadership Program

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Leading a team can be stressful, even for the most seasoned managers. Yet many talented individual contributors are promoted to management roles without the proper training, mentoring and support. When that happens, organizations, outcomes and wellbeing are significantly impacted. According to a 2023 nationwide survey by Harris Research and Oji, inexperienced and unprepared first-time managers can […]

Learning That Changes Lives: Local Leader Shares Journey to Nonprofit Success

Photo of Erin McKenney, a white woman with long brown hair wearing a black dress, overlaid with an orange background and the words: Learning that changes lives: Erin's Story

Empowering. Collaborative. Transformative. These are the first words that come to mind for Erin McKenney, Esq., when she thinks about the Certificate in Nonprofit Management graduate program at the University of Tampa. Now the capital campaign director at the University of Tampa where she spent 18 months earning this prestigious certificate, you might add the […]

4 Steps to Attract & Retain More Donors Every Month

Photo of Chris Barlow, a white man with brown hair wearing a plaid button-down shirt behind an orange and peach background

Did you know that for every dollar spent attracting new donors via email, organizations generate about $40 in return (Source: Litmus)? That’s a pretty convincing equation, but in today’s competitive market with information overload, it can be difficult for nonprofits to consistently find and reach new prospective donors. So, how can your organization break through […]

Nonprofit Leadership Center Welcomes Four New Board Members

The Nonprofit Leadership Center is pleased to welcome four new board members to our dynamic board of directors: Lisa L. Brody, Esq., Julie Perrelli, CFRE, Katie Shultz, Ed.D., and Jennifer Yeagley. Meet Lisa L. Brody, Esq. Lisa L. Brody is the chief strategy officer for the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg. She serves as […]