How to Calculate the Value of Volunteer Time

Sara Leonard, MBA, CFRE Tips

Some things in life are hard to put a value on — love, passion, dedication, selflessness. These are all attributes volunteers embody, but how can nonprofits determine the value of a volunteer hour? Each year, Independent Sector gathers data and conducts research on volunteerism in the nonprofit sector. The results of that research provide nonprofits a way to calculate the …

Image of five nonprofit leaders who share tips for how to ask your boss for training

How to Request Training from Your Boss

Team NLC Tips

You’re ready to grow your skills and career. You’ve found the perfect professional development opportunity. But you’re not sure how to request training from your boss. What if they think it is too expensive? What if they say no? Most managers want team members who proactively seek personal and professional development, but asking your manager for training can feel awkward …

Three volunteers with a nonprofit staff member talking about a project

Volunteer Resources for Nonprofits

Team NLC Tips

According to the most recent report from the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 62.6 million Americans — about 1 in 4 U.S. adults — volunteer. LinkedIn reported that its users added more than 110,000 volunteer activities per month during the pandemic, double the rate of 2017. Given the significant, and often critical, role volunteers play, nonprofits must be armed with volunteer resources to …

Why have a DEI committee: DEI roles and responsibilities

Why a DEI Committee is Essential for Your Nonprofit: How to Get Started

Chris Johnson, Board Member & DEI Committee Chair Tips

Why is it important to have a DEI committee? What does a DEI committee do, and what are the DEI committee roles and responsibilities? Nonprofit Leadership Center Board Member and DEI Committee Chair Christopher Johnson answers these questions and more. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and concepts like DEI committees and DEI statements have become common topics on social media …

Do This to Succeed in 2022

Do This One Thing in January to Succeed in 2022

Team NLC Tips

A vast body of research shows that most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by the end of January. Your actions during the first 30 days of the year will set you up for success or put you in the 80% of people who give up on their goals far too soon. To help you stick with your personal and …

Words Have Power: 12 Words for a Successful New Year

12 Words to Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals

John Loblack, Ed.D. Tips

To get the most from the year ahead, use these 12 words — one for each month — to stay inspired to achieve your goals and find meaning in your work and life. One Word for Every Month January: Jaunty. It’s easier to move others in a positive direction when you carry yourself with energy and confidence. February: Feedback. Ken …

7 Tips for a Successful GivingTuesday

7 Tips for a Successful Giving Tuesday Campaign

Jesica D'Avanza, MPA, APR Tips

GivingTuesday is a global day of generosity that happens every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. As people are bombarded with ads, emails and social posts from nearly every organization about this day of giving, what can your nonprofit do to stand out from the noise? These GivingTuesday tips will help you craft communications that inspire more prospects and donors …

The 6 Cs of Inclusive Leadership

Six Traits of Inclusive Leadership

Team NLC Tips

“If you think you’re a leader and nobody is following you, you’re just taking a walk. Inclusive leaders walk the walk and live the values. They’re creating organizational cultures where people feel they can thrive and succeed.” These are the words Dr. Shirley Davis recently shared at the Nonprofit Leadership Center’s 2021 Leadership Conference. Dr. Davis is the president and …

Image of a nonprofit finance committee meeting

Financial Management for Nonprofits: The Role of the Nonprofit Finance Committee

By Michelle M. Sanchez, CPA, Warren Averett Tips

Financial management can be intimidating for many nonprofit professionals, especially those new to oversight roles in nonprofit organizations. One of the primary oversight roles is that of the finance committee. What exactly is the role of a nonprofit finance committee? Why is the finance committee important? This introductory guide shares nonprofit finance committee best practices to help prepare you and …