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Nonprofit Financial Management

The Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to establish and maintain a strong system of financial management at your organization. With a focus on best practices, the courses will build your ability to make sound decisions that affect your nonprofit’s programs and operations. Course material uses easily understood and relevant case examples as well as engaging, interactive explanations for financial terminology, assumptions and concepts.

The program consists of two mandatory sessions. Participants must attend both sessions to receive their certificate.


Fees & Dates

The current (2024) fee for this two-session training program is $178.


Session Descriptions

Session 1: Introduction to Nonprofit Financial Management

Many nonprofit leaders are unprepared to manage and analyze critical financial information about their programs and organizations, yet to run a successful organization, you must have a basic understanding of your nonprofit’s financial outlook and how to translate it. Funders and donors often judge us by our financials and ability to communicate what the numbers mean.

During the first half-day session, Trainer Teresa Craig, CPA, will teach you the basics of good financial management and how to use financial information to communicate with others. This session provides financial instruction and confidence for non-financial staff members who have to deal with “the numbers” but lack an accounting or finance background.

This session will prepare you to:

  • Read and understand financial statements
  • Identify risks and trends
  • Ask the right questions based on understanding the numbers
  • Control the financial information that tells your story
  • Use financial information to direct and motivate staff and board members to achieve organizational goals


Session 2: Tools for Cash Management & Analysis

Whether you are a CEO, COO, financial manager, fundraiser or program staff member, you will explore easy-to-use tools, concepts and techniques to manage your organization’s finances that you can begin implementing right away.

Join Sheff Crowder to learn different financial accounting practices that affect nonprofit financial reports, including:

  • Cash flow and cash management
  • Cost analysis
  • How to present financials to a funder
  • The three expense buckets that make up the statement of functional expenses and how to report them
  • Common errors/problems to avoid when allocating expenses
  • Allocating in-kind gifts and contributed services

To receive the Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management you must complete both required sessions within 12 months. 

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Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management Series: Introduction to Nonprofit Financial Management

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October 22, 2024
08:30 AM
Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management Series: Tools for Cash Management & Analysis

Upcoming Sessions

October 29, 2024
08:30 AM

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