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WATCH: The Economic Impact of Tampa Bay Nonprofits

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Leah Donelan McDermott

Nonprofits are not just nice to have; they’re vital to the economic health of our communities. But do you know just how much the sector contributes to employment, annual revenue and assets held?

During this free webinar, you’ll hear research highlights from the Florida Nonprofit Alliance’s 2023 Nonprofit Economic Impact Report, including the sector’s size, scope and importance to the state and local economies. You’ll also hear about challenges our sector faces and what we must consider together to overcome them.

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After this webinar you will:

  • Understand the economic impact of nonprofits in Florida and across Tampa Bay

  • Know how to use the data to strengthen your organization’s stories and messages

  • Have access to easy-to-use data on the nonprofit sector’s impact as an employer and a revenue generator

Resources Shared in the Video

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Leah Donelan McDermott

Leah Donelan McDermott is the program manager for Florida Nonprofit Alliance. Leah has been working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector for 20 years. She specializes in helping organizations grow their capacity to meet their mission through training, leadership development, strategic thinking and planning, research and processes and procedures implementation. Leah conducts and facilitates trainings on various topics, including board governance and engagement, advocacy, starting a nonprofit organization, and trends in the nonprofit sector. She has served on boards for organizations in various locations worldwide. She has worked at the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida, the American Cancer Society, the Alliance for World Class Education, and many other nonprofits in a consulting capacity.

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