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Gratitude is the Greatest Gift

The Nonprofit Leadership Center staff standing together and looking at the camera while smiling, including a Black woman in a black jacket, an Albanian woman in a black dress, a Puerto Rican woman in a white sweater, a white man in a black jacket and a white woman in a black sweater
Nonprofit Leadership Center

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center, we believe gratitude is one of the secret ingredients to success. During this season of giving, our team has been reflecting on the moments, memories and people we’re most grateful for in 2023. Our deep gratitude extends to you, our nonprofit partners, supporters, trainers and community leaders, who help strengthen nonprofit organizations and our communities alongside us every day.

"I am grateful for an amazing team, meaningful work with and among other superb human beings in the nonprofit sector, wellness of mind and body, and a loving family and friends. This year, I am especially grateful for still having my parents who will celebrate 55 years of marriage on Nov. 30! An amazing testimony of love and friendship."
Photo of Charlie Imbergamo from the waist up, a white male wearing a navy blue suit jacket and green tie with grey hair and a beard
Charlie D. Imbergamo, MA, CFRE
CEO, Nonprofit Leadership Center
“Looking back on my 2023, I’m feeling particularly grateful for enduring friendships and the generous hearts of those friends. I got to make an extended visit to New York City (my previous home of nearly 15 years) where old friends made sure I felt like I was home, got plenty of pizza, and got to go to an iconic piano bar in the West Village.”
Carina Kleter
Program Associate, Nonprofit Leadership Center
"I am thankful for creative and healthy outlets. There is a lot going on in our communities and in our world, but it helps to find joy and freedom in dancing, singing and taking up space. Both of my children are into acting and dancing, and I think it brings them peace."
Jamiel Maze, MA
Resource Development Coordinator
Jamiel's daughter Mia dancing in her school performance
"What a gift it is to reflect on a year of life and, once again, find so many reasons to be grateful. Yet, one theme emerges for 2023: Reconnection. This year, I was fortunate to spend time with loved ones in Houston, San Diego, New York City, and here at home, too. Some I hadn’t seen in a year, others in several. In one case, it had been 12 years since we last shared space. In all cases, we flowed right into the warmth and comfort we’d always known, our rooted ties far stronger than time and distance."
Meriel Martínez
Program Director
“I am grateful because I am surrounded by great friends and family! 2023 was particularly special as I was able to travel and spend some time with my family and my nephew, Erarb. He is growing so fast, and I am glad I was able to connect with him beyond what the small screen allows us. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I wish you all will have some quality time with your loved ones this holiday season!”
Image of Amarela Peqini, an Albanian woman with brown hair wearing a navy blue jacket and light blue shirt
Amarela Peqini, MBA
Operations Director
Photo of a white child wearing a black and white striped shirt and red shorts

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