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Nonprofit Support for Hurricane Ian

Nonprofit Leadership Center

Hurricane Ian devastated cities and homes when it made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. The latest estimates show that 8,700 people have applied for federal aid through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the economic damage to the state is estimated at as much as $65 billion.

Like in all crises and emergencies, nonprofit organizations step in and step up to help individuals, families and communities recover, rebuild and restore hope.

Community Foundation of Tampa Bay: NLC Funder

Our friends at the Community Foundation Tampa Bay have worked quickly, in partnership with fundholders and other philanthropists, to help address the unexpected needs now facing nonprofits and communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Resources & Support for Nonprofits

Here are several resources now available to nonprofits through Community Foundation Tampa Bay:

Critical Needs List 

Now through October 2022, Community Foundation Tampa Bay has expanded the criteria for its Critical Needs List to include nonprofit needs related to Hurricane Ian, particularly to meet increasing service demands from residents impacted by the storm.

A critical need is defined as unbudgeted, unforeseen and time-sensitive, and one that significantly interferes with a nonprofit’s ability to provide crucial services or presents an imminent threat to the organization’s continued operations.

The Critical Needs List is designed to help nonprofits manage unbudgeted, unplanned and untimely emergencies.

Hurricane Ian-related requests are eligible for a fundholder match. The Community Foundation Tampa Bay will provide a 1-to-3 match to grants made from a Community Foundation donor advised fund or Family Foundation to directly address a need submitted on the Critical Needs List.

The list will be published on the Foundation’s website and shared publicly. See eligibility requirements and submit your needs.

Hurricane Ian Resources

Community Foundation Tampa Bay has begun compiling local community resources for individual aid. The initial list of resources is available on their website, and new resources will continue to be added..

Prepare Your Nonprofit for Potential Disasters

Having business continuity and disaster recovery plans is essential for nonprofits.

Join the Nonprofit Leadership Center on October 27 for a half-day session on Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery in an Ever-Changing Business Landscape. During this course, you will learn what a continuity of operations plan is, why your nonprofit needs one and what to consider when developing and reviewing it.

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