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We Want to Feature YOU at the 2020 Leadership Conference: Record & Upload Your Video

What does it mean to lead courageously? How can nonprofit leaders and organizations lead courageously every day? These are the questions we’ll be asking and answering next month at our 2020 Leadership Conference: Lead Courageously on October 13.

And we want to feature YOU as an important part of the conversation! 

Upload a Video to Be Featured at NLC’s Leadership Conference

We’re collecting videos, now through Wednesday, September 23, to feature nonprofit leaders and community members as part of this year’s conference. In just three easy steps using your smartphone, you and your organization can be on the big screen at this unforgettable virtual summit.

Upload your video by September 23, 2020

Step 1: Choose your video topic.

You can choose from two videos to take and upload, or you can create one for both! We are using the Cinebody application to submit videos.

APPLE USERS: You’ll use your mobile device and the Cinebody app. Once you click the video links below, you’ll be prompted to download the Cinebody app.

ANDROID USERS: If you don’t have an iPhone, simply click on the links below to record your video and upload it on your mobile device.

Video #1: Lead Courageously
Answer the following questions: How do you define courage in three words? What does it mean to lead courageously?

Choose this video
Enter project code: nlc1

Video #2: Celebrating 10 Year’s of Leadership Conference
Answer the following questions: What’s your favorite memory from a past Leadership Conference? What advice do you have for nonprofit leaders for the next 10 years?

Choose this video
Enter project code: nlc2

2. Create your account and choose NLC LOVE.

Once you’ve downloaded or accessed the Cinebody app using the links above, create an account. When you have an account, you’ll be taken to a screen that will allow you to pick the “🎧NLC LOVE” shot.

Click on “🎧NLC LOVE,” and then tap the camera icon at the top of your screen.

You’ll notice two questions are present on screen for the video you select. You’ll be responding to those two questions. Write them down or memorize them.

Video #2

Step 3: Record and upload your video by September 23.

Now you’re ready to record! Reverse your camera so it’s in selfie mode with the arrow button. Then hit the big red button to record. Hit the big red button again once you’re done. That’s it! Your video will be uploaded. Feel free to record more than one video, and don’t worry about any ‘failed’ attempts or bloopers. You can upload as many videos as you want.

The deadline to submit your videos is Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

There’s Still Time to Register to Lead Courageously

Not yet registered for this year’s Leadership Conference or want to invite other colleagues and peers to join you? There’s still time to register. See the latest agenda and register now.

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