The Intercultural Development Inventory®

Work & Lead Across Cultural Differences with the Intercultural Development Inventory

How much time do you lose when there is a miscommunication or conflict at work? What is the cost to your culture and performance when team members don’t understand each other’s perspectives or experiences?

Overcome common workplace challenges and learn how to connect authentically across lines of cultural difference with the Intercultural Development Inventory®, or IDI®.

What is intercultural competence?

Intercultural competence is defined as the capability to shift cultural perspectives and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. You can think of it as your and your team’s ability to understand and work with those whose cultural affiliations, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives differ from your own.

Because intercultural competence can be difficult to measure and quantify, the Intercultural Development Inventory helps support employees and equip them for success by first understanding where they are on the continuum and providing concrete action steps to grow in their capabilities.

What is the Intercultural Development Inventory?

  • The IDI is a rigorously tested and statistically reliable assessment that provides insight into how individuals and organizations communicate and collaborate across lines of cultural difference and commonality.
  • It consists of a 50-item online questionnaire that takes just 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
  • Unlike other tools, the IDI measures both one’s mindset and skillset, allowing you to see progress over time.
  • Participants receive personalized, confidential results and action plans.
  • This widely used assessment is utilized by organizations from AARP and the YMCA to Boeing, General Electric, Harley-Davidson, Mattel, Inc., Microsoft, Target and Disney.
“Participating in the Intercultural Development Inventory assessment with the Nonprofit Leadership Center was an incredible and eye-opening experience. I learned how and why I engage with people across cultural differences and received an action plan for personal improvement. I highly recommend this opportunity for anyone passionate about improving their work culture and personal growth.”
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Alison F.
Chief Development Officer

How It Works

Select a group of nonprofit employees to participate in this four-week program facilitated by the Nonprofit Leadership Center, an IDI Qualified Administrator.

WEEK 1: Complete Assessment

Take the Intercultural Development Inventory by completing the 50-item questionnaire online. Each participant will receive personalized, confidential results. A group profile, to be discussed during the group training, will also be generated.

WEEK 2: Group Training

Participate in an interactive, two-hour group training session that includes individual reflection, small group work and team discussions. Participants will deepen their understanding of cultural groups and how to connect to them and explore concrete steps to develop their intercultural competence further.

WEEKS 3-4: Individual Coaching

Each participant will receive one individual coaching session to discover how their backgrounds and experiences impact how they navigate cultural differences. Participants will also review their personalized Intercultural Development Plan.

Expected Outcomes

After going through the Intercultural Development Inventory, you will have clarity on how you and your team think about and respond to cultural differences. Research also shows that the IDI can help drive individual and team success in diversity recruitment and hiring, interactions with supervisors, and self-awareness, knowledge and comfort with cultural diversity, and more.

Who Should Participate?

This program is for everyone. Whether you’re just starting your journey or are an intercultural expert, the IDI lets you know where you are today and where you can go and grow next.

Program Cost

The program cost varies based on the number of participants. Please complete the contact form below so we can learn more about your needs and provide estimated costs.

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