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WATCH: Creative Innovation for Visionary Leadership

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Nonprofit Leadership Center

Some of the greatest organizations were built and grown in times of economic hardship. The difference between organizations that thrive and those that fail is how equipped leaders are to face adversity with creative innovation, organizational empathy and visionary thinking. In this video, Soul Media CEO Emily Ghosh Harris, MBA, and Arts Conservatory for Teens Co-Founder Dr. Alex Harris share the keys to fundraising, growing community partnerships and strategically positioning your organization for success during a time of heightened uncertainty. You’ll also receive tools and templates to implement in your organization immediately.

Topics you’ll hear about include:

  • How to respond to a quickly evolving landscape and lead with organizational awareness and empathy
  • Creating an organizational mindset that allows you to be attractive in a restrictive market
  • How to leverage community partnerships and creative marketing ideas to generate revenue

Download the presentation shared in the video here.

About Your Presenters

Dr. Alex Harris is an academician, humanitarian, singer/songwriter and is an Orchard/Cross the Line Music/SONY Music Entertainment recording artist. Beyond his billboard hits, four #1 singles and traveling the world, Dr. Harris is co-founder of the Arts Conservatory for Teens (ACT). ACT utilizes the performing visual arts and creative critical thinking to educate, empower and enrich the lives of youth and teens, especially disadvantaged and high-risk youth and teens.

Dr. Harris earned his Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and Psychology from LaGrange College. He then went on to receive his Master’s in Theology (MTS) and Social Work (MSW) from Boston University, an extended graduate study in Adolescent Counseling at Harvard University, and his doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and Curriculum Development at Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Harris firmly believes in an artist’s social responsibility; the accountability of empowering local communities to provide equitable and equal access to all people, that each has the opportunity to excel and
realize her or his dream regardless of the person’s circumstance at birth. For Alex, it is his ACT institution that provides the platform for that social responsibility. He has made it his duty to empower the youth of socioeconomically challenged communities worldwide.

Emily Ghosh Harris is the founder of Soul Media Global with an extensive digital media background, specializing in brand development and experiential marketing. She has spearheaded digital marketing campaigns and developed brand strategies for some of the largest media companies in the world, multi-billion dollar brands, startups and everything in between. Emily has dedicated her career to helping individuals and businesses of all sizes reach their highest potential. Emily is also the host of The Soul Collective podcast.

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