Meet Our Staff

Emily Benham, FAHP, CFRE

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … I champion the good work of all nonprofits in the Tampa Bay area. NLC empowers nonprofits to achieve their best. I love learning about someone’s latest success or biggest challenge. In my view, it’s always an opportunity.

When I’m not at work … you’ll most likely find me at the barn, riding my horse Current Affair. Training an off-the-track thoroughbred in the nuances of classical dressage has absolutely strengthened my negotiating skills and honed my practice of conflict resolution.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is … our CEO Circles. It’s exciting to see CEOs in the region connect and share best practices. I enjoy processes that uncover pathways to connect and inspire our collective work.

My mantra is … cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Every day. In all you do.

Want to contact Emily? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Lorraine Faithful
Operations Manager

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … you will usually hear my voice answer your phone call. I help you register for our classes and find the right resource when you need one. Customer service is my specialty! I also do the accounting and keep our shelves stocked with office supplies. How can I assist you today?

When I’m not at work … I’m FaceTiming with my grandchildren in Hawaii and California or boxing up some treasures to mail to them. I enjoy the company of Rojo, my red canary, and I love my quiet time on the back porch watching wild birds at multiple bird feeders while listening to my favorite music.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is … the Nonprofit Financial Management Certificate because it provides the tools needed to manage finances and focus on best practices.

My mantra is … focus on the positive!

Want to contact Lorraine? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Charlie Imbergamo, MA, CFRE
Director of Strategic Programs

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … I work with nonprofit leaders to respond to their changing needs. Specifically, I’m responsible for designing programs and delivering training through classes, conferences, custom solutions and peer-based learning cohorts.

When I’m not at work … you will most likely find me listening to music, on the water, trying a new recipe, caring for my two furry “kids” Ginger (the dog) and Rigo (the cat), or being active in our beautiful Tampa Bay area.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is … the CEO Circle experience. As a former nonprofit CEO and participant, it’s great to learn from and support my colleagues.

My mantra is … see the dignity of every human person, starting with the beauty of you.

Want to contact Charlie? Email him here or call him at 813-287-8779.

Carina Kleter
Program Associate

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … I strive to meet the needs of nonprofit professionals by providing project management and critical operational support across the full spectrum of NLC’s program offerings, including classroom trainings, conferences, custom solutions and peer-based cohorts.

When I’m not at work … I’m reading at one of Tampa’s many fine coffee shops, at the beach with my family, practicing at my local yoga studio, and actively working to be the best possible version of myself.

My favorite class is … Leading with Emotional Intelligence. I believe emotional intelligence is essential for success in work and life. I love that this class provides nonprofit leaders the opportunity to cultivate the often-overlooked skills of self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and relationship management — and utilize them to strengthen their organizations.

My mantra is … everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have. This helps me remember to not only be compassionate with myself and others, but to consistently strive for better tools and help others do the same.

Want to contact Carina? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Meriel Martínez
Program Director

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center… I contribute to the development and implementation of strategic programs, including small-group leadership circles that bring leaders together who share similar roles or goals to learn, problem-solve and succeed collaboratively. I also support NLC’s efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion across all program areas.

When I’m not at work… I’m spending time with the people I love, often hanging out at home, on a hike or at the beach. Oh, and I’m dancing — I’m definitely dancing.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center… is anything related to personal development and inclusive practices.

My mantra is… we are all a work in progress. We must show grace to others and ourselves while continually seeking to learn and understand.

Want to contact Meriel? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Tess Plotkin
Resource Development Fellow

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … I get to immerse myself in every aspect of fund development. I assist our CEO in resource development operations, solicitation, recognition and stewardship, all while learning and practicing essential skills. As a lifelong learner, I love being able to attend the many classes that NLC offers.

When I’m not at work … you’ll find me taking lots of walks with my new puppy Jaco, making and listening to music, exploring the many beautiful beaches in Tampa Bay, and practicing my chef skills by making anything from J. Kenji López-Alt’s cookbook, The Food Lab.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is … Elevate Your Nonprofit’s Reputation & Community Impact. This class helped me think differently about reporting and telling an organization’s story.

My mantra is … cultivating a world where an artist sits at every decision-making table. I believe an artist has the ability to see through a problem when there isn’t an obvious solution.

Want to contact Tess? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.