Meet Our Staff

Emily Benham, FAHP, CFRE

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … I champion the good work of all nonprofits in the Tampa Bay area. NLC empowers nonprofits to achieve their best. I love learning about someone’s latest success or biggest challenge. In my view, it’s always an opportunity.

When I’m not at work … you’ll most likely find me at the barn, riding my horse Current Affair. Training an off-the-track thoroughbred in the nuances of classical dressage has absolutely strengthened my negotiating skills and honed my practice of conflict resolution.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is … our CEO Circles. It’s exciting to see CEOs in the region connect and share best practices. I enjoy processes that uncover pathways to connect and inspire our collective work.

My mantra is … cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Every day. In all you do.

Want to contact Emily? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Charlie Imbergamo, MA, CFRE
Director of Strategic Programs

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … I work with nonprofit leaders to respond to their changing needs. Specifically, I’m responsible for designing programs and delivering training through classes, conferences, custom solutions and peer-based learning cohorts.

When I’m not at work … you will most likely find me listening to music, on the water, trying a new recipe, caring for my two furry “kids” Ginger (the dog) and Rigo (the cat), or being active in our beautiful Tampa Bay area.

My favorite classes at the Nonprofit Leadership Center are any related to social and emotional intelligence and self discovery. For me, that is the heart of leadership.

My mantra is … see the dignity of every human person, starting with the beauty of you.

Want to contact Charlie? Email him here or call him at 813-287-8779.

Carina Kleter
Program Associate

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … I strive to meet the needs of nonprofit professionals by providing project management and critical operational support across the full spectrum of NLC’s program offerings, including classroom trainings, conferences, custom solutions and peer-based cohorts.

When I’m not at work … I’m reading at one of Tampa’s many fine coffee shops, at the beach with my family, practicing at my local yoga studio, and actively working to be the best possible version of myself.

My favorite class is … Leading with Emotional Intelligence. I believe emotional intelligence is essential for success in work and life. I love that this class provides nonprofit leaders the opportunity to cultivate the often-overlooked skills of self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and relationship management — and utilize them to strengthen their organizations.

My mantra is … everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have. This helps me remember to not only be compassionate with myself and others, but to consistently strive for better tools and help others do the same.

Want to contact Carina? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Meriel Martínez
Program Director

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center… I contribute to the development and implementation of strategic programs, including small-group leadership circles that bring leaders together who share similar roles or goals to learn, problem-solve and succeed collaboratively. I also support NLC’s efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion across all program areas.

When I’m not at work… I’m spending time with the people I love, often hanging out at home, on a hike or at the beach. Oh, and I’m dancing — I’m definitely dancing.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center… is anything related to personal development and inclusive practices.

My mantra is… we are all a work in progress. We must show grace to others and ourselves while continually seeking to learn and understand.

Want to contact Meriel? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Jamiel Maze
Resource Development Coordinator

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … I write grants, secure sponsorships and recognize all the people and partners who support our work in the community.

When I’m not at work … I enjoy spending time with my family visiting national parks, attending the theater and seeing my favorite artists live in concert. In my quiet time, I love reflection journaling.

My favorite class is … Work Interrupted: Take Back Control of Your Workday. There is so much power in taking back your time, increasing productivity and finding time to do things you love.

My mantra is … do what you can, when you can, with what you have. Life is unpredictable and yet full of endless possibilities.

Want to contact Jamiel? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Amarela Peqini
Business Operations Manager

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center … I work to ensure our team has the support or resources needed to deliver their projects. I supervise the financial performance of the organization, ensuring the best use of our resources to increase the impact we have in the community.

When I’m not at work … I am cooking, listening to an audiobook, visiting new places or enjoying the Florida weather with family and friends.

My favorite class is … the CFO Roundtable. It’s a great opportunity to learn from best practices, share experiences and discuss how to overcome the growing challenges and demands of today’s world.

My mantra is … be present. Don’t lose a chance to learn, listen, serve, laugh or love. The present is shaping your future.

Want to contact Amarela? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.