Meet Our Staff

Emily Benham, FAHP, CFRE

At Nonprofit Leadership Center. . . I champion the good work of all of the nonprofits of the Tampa Bay area. The Nonprofit Leadership Center empowers nonprofits to achieve their best. I am excited to learn of someone’s latest success or biggest challenge. In my view, it is always an opportunity.

When I am not at work. . . you will most likely find me at the barn, riding my 12-year-old horse, Current Affair. Training an off the track thoroughbred in the nuances of classical dressage has absolutely strengthened my negotiating skills and honed my practice of conflict resolution.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is. . .I’d have to say the CEO Forum. It is exciting to see CEOs in the region connect and share best practices. I enjoy processes that uncover pathways to connect and inspire our collective work.

My mantra is. . . cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Every day. In all that you do.

Want to contact Emily? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Lorraine Faithful
Operations Manager

At Nonprofit Leadership Center. . . you will usually hear my voice answer your phone call. I help you get registered for our classes and find just the right resource when you need one. Customer service is my specialty! I also do the accounting and keep our shelves stocked with office supplies.  How can I assist you today?

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is. . . The Nonprofit Financial Management Certificate is my favorite because it provides the tools needed to manage finances and focus on best practices.

My mantra is. . . focus on the positive!

Want to contact Lorraine? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

John Loblack, Ed.D.
Director of Strategic Solutions

At Nonprofit Leadership Center. . . I help provide employees of nonprofit organizations with the relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities to help their organization fulfill its mission. Nothing gives me more joy than helping others grow into their full potential, while helping their organizations fulfill its mission.

When I am not at work. . . you will find me at the tennis courts or a Barnes and Nobles bookstore.  I am a strong proponent of strengthening the body and the mind — tennis and reading help me enjoy the best of both worlds.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is. . .to be determined.

My mission is. . . helping others feel better about themselves.

Want to contact John? Email him, or call him at 813-287-8779.

Jennifer Davis Dodd
Director of Education & Communications

At Nonprofit Leadership Center. . . I plan, implement, and promote our training curricula and events. My goal is to help increase the capacity of nonprofits across Tampa Bay to serve and improve our community.

When I’m not at work. . . I like to explore and travel, to find the beauty in every day. Locally, my husband and I like to explore communities through their markets, fairs, and other community events. We also operate a small business in St. Pete.

My favorite class at Nonprofit Leadership Center is. . . the Certificate in Volunteer Management. I love how this in-depth training equips Tampa Bay nonprofits to involve volunteers in their mission.

My mantra is. . . Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Want to contact Jen? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Laurel Westmoreland
Education & Data Manager

At Nonprofit Leadership Center. . . Things are always moving!  As a Free Spirit-People type, I enjoy the challenge of fast-paced work in an environment where we’re always tweaking and trying new things to support the work of our amazing local nonprofit community.  On any given day, there are so many beautiful faces here and so many opportunities for good-hearted people to connect and grow.  I just love that.

When I am not at work… I stay busy as a mom to an amazing little boy and his dog. For many years my partner worked out of town, but now that he is back home, it feels like a whole new chapter for our little family.  We like to spend time with family and friends, watch a lot of sports and cheer for our favorite teams (Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United), go to the beach at Honeymoon as often as possible, and travel the area with my son’s competitive soccer team, the TBU Rowdies.  

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is. . . Inbound Marketing 101 because I was very interested in the topic but also because Jonathan Morey has such a wealth of knowledge on the subject and is so open to share what he knows and help others benefit from it.  Come to think of it, that’s pretty much true of all of our wonderful trainers!  It is my privilege to work with them.

My mantra is. . . 99 is not 100. Anything we can contribute to our community or the world, no matter how small, makes a difference.

Want to contact Laurel? Email her, or call her at 813-287-8779.

Andrew Rametta
Fund Development Fellow

At Nonprofit Leadership Center… I am gaining the skills and experience to help launch my nonprofit career. I spend my days soaking up all the knowledge the Nonprofit Leadership Center provides, help meet and greet you at the door, and build relationships in the community.

When I am not at work… you can find me on a yoga mat, in a gym, playing kickball, riding my bike, or in the kitchen experimenting on a new recipe.

My favorite class at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is… Leading through Change. Learning that change is “neutral” will be something that I bring to every aspect of my life going forward and help my future leadership.

My mantra is… Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.

Want to contact Andrew? Email him, or call him at 813-287-8779.