Words Have Power: 12 Words for a Successful New Year

12 Words to Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals

John Loblack, Ed.D. Tips

To get the most from the year ahead, use these 12 words — one for each month — to stay inspired to achieve your goals and find meaning in your work and life. One Word for Every Month January: Jaunty. It’s easier to move others in a positive direction when you carry yourself with energy and confidence. February: Feedback. Ken …

7 Traits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

7 Traits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

John Loblack, Ed.D. Tips

What does it mean to be an emotionally intelligent leader? Emotionally intelligent leaders possess seven important qualities that spell out the word LEADERS. L is for listening. Emotionally intelligent leaders place a higher value on listening than they do talking. E is for equipping. Emotionally intelligent leaders equip their employees with the tools and resources necessary to fulfill their positions’ …

3 Things Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Say by John Loblack

Three Things Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Say

John Loblack, Ed.D. Tips

If someone asked you to name your all-time favorite leader, who would it be? What about your least favorite leader? Chances are your reasons for choosing these leaders have little to do with their cognitive abilities or technical skills and much to do with their emotional intelligence — how they treated you as a person. Emotional intelligence is our capacity …

Five Classes to Make 2020 Your Nonprofit’s Best Year

Team NLC News

We recently asked nonprofit leaders across Tampa Bay to tell us about the most challenging issues facing their organizations and the skills they need to overcome them. Overwhelmingly, our nonprofit community wants assistance improving their organizational culture, enhancing team dynamics and navigating changes in the workplace. “We need to focus on communications styles, teamwork and how everyone isn’t like you …

6 Ideas for Improving Team Dynamics

Team NLC Tips

Did you know we spend about 1 in every 3 hours that we’re awake at work? As nonprofit leaders, this means our colleagues and supervisor are constantly present in our everyday life. No wonder the saying “culture eats strategy for breakfast” is true. Despite the correlation between culture and performance, many organizations don’t make the time to be intentional about …

3 Ways Leaders Make Emotional Connections

Scott Edinger, Edinger Consulting Group Stories

When I first started working in then-Big Six consulting firm Coopers & Lybrand, the partner I was assigned to was a gentleman named Chris Abramson, and he had an enormous scale of responsibility. Yet whenever I talked with him, which was not that often, he gave me his undivided attention. He talked with me about my goals and my development …