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7 Hopes & Expectations That Nonprofit CEOs Have for the Nonprofit Sector in 2021

We recently asked nonprofit leaders to share their hopes and expectations for the nonprofit sector in 2021. Their wise perspective encourages all nonprofit leaders to think more strategically and collaboratively to strengthen our sector and communities.

“2021 is and will be a time of great challenge but also great opportunity in the nonprofit sector. To meet the challenges of COVID-19, rising unemployment and overall general uncertainty, nonprofits can play a unique role in uplifting our communities economically and socially. We need to charge forward and dare big — develop affordable housing, create social entrepreneurship vehicles for sustainability, and most importantly, serve those in our community who need help in food security, housing, employment, training, mental health services, and any other treatment or case management needs.”

Michael Jalazo, CEO,
People Empowering and Restoring Communities (PERC)  


“I hope nonprofit organizations impacted by the pandemic take a serious look at what they need to focus on as we move closer to a new normal. This includes embracing technology, greater emphasis on crisis management, working more closely with other organizations to fulfill our missions, and developing diverse funding streams to ensure our organizations remain viable. This hard work will allow nonprofits to be even stronger in 2021 and beyond.”

Gary Willoughby, President & CEO                   
SPCA Serving Erie County   


“My greatest hope for the nonprofit sector in 2021 is to continue showing resilience and innovation to overcome difficult times and secure our missions.”

Debra Golinski, President & CEO                      
Sertoma Speech & Hearing Foundation of FL Inc.


“My greatest hope for the nonprofit sector is that we collectively begin to view our organizations with a for-profit mindset and lean on each other to innovate how we enhance our sustainability. While grants are extremely important and appreciated, I’d like to see nonprofits balance our reliance on grants and adopt a social entrepreneur mindset within our respective work.”

Dr. Sheron Brown, CEO     
Tampa Bay Healthcare Collaborative


“I hope more nonprofits can collaborate instead of compete with each other to better support those who depend upon nonprofits.”

Starr Friesen, Executive Director of Internal and External Affairs                
WarHawk PTSD Service Dogs


“My greatest hope for the nonprofit sector is that it will continue to raise awareness of the inequities in our society as we work together to make sure the right services are shared with those in need.”

Stephen King, Executive Director                      
Meals On Wheels of Tampa 


“As our nonprofit sector has shown remarkable resilience in 2020, my greatest hope is to continue stabilizing and supporting our communities — to carry on our hard work to support those who need us most and to come together as leaders to ensure we have sustainable resources to fully fund services for all. Our nonprofit sector is present every day in every area of our lives. We have been a strategic and innovative player of our past and will continue to be as powerful in our future.”

Karen Higgins, President & CEO                      
PARC, Inc.

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