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Video Marketing Tips for Nonprofits: 7 Ways to Create Better Videos on Your Phone

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Should your nonprofit be creating more video content? Regardless of your available resources, the answer is yes. Video generates 1,200% more shares on social media than text and image content combined (Wordstream), and conversion rates increase when video is included on website landing pages and in email. But how do you create videos that move your audiences to action, especially when you have little to no video budget or expertise? These seven video marketing tips for nonprofits will help you develop better videos on your iPhone or smartphone in a snap.

7 Tips to Create Better iPhone Videos

A whopping 85% of consumers want to see more video content from organizations (HubSpot). In an ideal world, you’d have a professional production team for every video you need. Luckily, most videos you make for social media don’t need to look like they belong on the big screen. Get started with these seven video marketing tips for nonprofits — your audience will thank you.

1. Vertical or horizontal? That is the question.

Before you begin shooting your video content, it’s essential to think about where you’ll post your finished piece. If you intend to share it on an Instagram Reel, then it’s best to shoot vertically. But, if you’re planning to post it on YouTube, Facebook or your website, you’ll want to shoot horizontally. Thinking about which way you should be holding your camera in advance will help ensure what you create best fits the size ratio of the platform you’ll be sharing to and provide the best experience for your audience.

2. Keep it quiet.

When filming people talking, shoot in a quiet space. If it’s possible, avoid capturing audio outdoors and find a private indoor space. You’d be surprised at how much a quiet shooting location will do for the overall quality of your video. Unnecessary voices or sounds like cars in the background, office chatter or even the wind can be distracting and take away from the message you’re trying to share.

3. Invest in accessories.

Many affordable accessories can make shooting content on your iPhone easier. From tripods and gimbals to external microphones and ring lights, there are tools that can help you create more professional videos that are on-brand on a shoestring budget.

4. Select an interesting background.

Always be aware of your subject’s surroundings. Choose a background that is interesting to look at but also not too busy. Avoid crowded areas and blank walls when possible and unnecessary distractions like trash cans, cars, messy offices, etc.

5. Never forget lighting.

If you’re shooting video content on an iPhone, you probably don’t have an elaborate lighting set up to go with it — that’s okay! When working without professional lighting equipment, it’s crucial to think about the lighting around you. Before you start shooting, test what the lighting will look like on your phone. You don’t want it to be too dark, but you also don’t want everything blown out. Natural lighting from a window is usually a safe bet. Avoid overhead fluorescent lighting when possible.

6. Set the mood.

Background music can go a long way, as long as the volume of your track doesn’t overpower any talking that may be happening in your video. The right track can help make your video more engaging and establish the overall mood. Sites like Musicbed and Premium Beat have many tracks you can purchase a license to use in your video. Purchasing a licensed track will avoid having your video flagged or removed on social media because of using copyrighted music.

7. Caption it.

Captions are critical to ensure your video is accessible for those who are hearing impaired and viewers watching in a public space where it isn’t possible to turn on audio. Veed is a helpful site that offers free and low-cost options for captioning.

Now that you’re armed with these video marketing tips for nonprofits get out there and shoot something! We can’t wait to see what you create!

About Brick Creative

Brick Creative is a full-service, independent production company located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Founded by Frederick Marschall, Brick Creative focuses on creating visual content that inspires and incites action, encouraging their clients to push boundaries in the creative process. Brick Creative collaborates with businesses, brands, agencies and makers of all kinds to bring stories to life through film.

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