4 Questions to Ask to Attract the Right Nonprofit Board Members

Members of the Nonprofit Leadership Center board smile at the camera, including five women and two men of diverse backgrounds, experiences, races and ethnicities

As the ultimate decision-making body for nonprofit organizations, boards of directors are responsible for guiding a nonprofit’s vision and strategy and for overseeing its financial accountability. Finding the right board members is critical to every nonprofit organization’s success. But it’s not just about a leader’s skills and expertise; great board members fundamentally align with your […]

Making the Case for Training & Development from Funders: 6 Keys to Nonprofit Growth

A chalkboard that says Never Stop Learning next to a stack of notebooks and books

Dear funders: Nonprofits need your support to include human capital needs. At least, that’s what the Center for Effective Philanthropy’s most recent report confirmed. State of Nonprofits in 2023: What Funders Need to Know revealed the top concern among nonprofit executives is staff-related issues, including burnout, filling staff positions and retaining staff. 3 in 4 […]