A Best Practice Guide to Cybersecurity for Nonprofits

A partial image of a laptop and a person's hand (white) with white images of locks across the screen

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is a critical concern for organizations of all sizes and sectors. Nonprofits, in particular, are not exempt from the risks associated with cyberthreats. As nonprofits handle sensitive information and often operate on limited budgets, it’s imperative to be proactive in safeguarding your digital assets. In this best practice guide, we […]

Data Security for Nonprofits in a Remote Workplace

Nonprofits face new pressures as hybrid work models and remote work environments are now the norm. This video explores the issues nonprofits face with remote and hybrid workplace models and offers tangible steps you can take to mitigate those risks. During this video, you will: Recognize risks related to remote access applications and security of […]