Communicating With Confidence: 5 Tips to Communicate With Groups Effectively

Photo of BeverlyAnn Foster speaking into a microphone, a white woman with a black jacket and long, blond hair

According to research from the Project Management Institute, the biggest predictor of a project’s success — or failure — is communication. Their report found that project managers should spend 90% of their time on communications to ensure a project’s success, and up to 56% of revenue could be lost due to poor communication. So, how […]

WATCH: Essential Technology Updates for Non-Technical Nonprofit Leaders

Photo of Kelley Hecht, a white woman with short brown hair in a circle with a blue computer background and the words: WATCH NOW: Essential Tech Updates for Non-Tech Nonprofit Leaders

Technology is critical to every nonprofit’s success, yet many of today’s leaders represent non-technical functions, like marketing, programs, fundraising, and operations. Keeping up with emerging trends across the digital landscape and discerning what’s imperative from what may be a distraction, can be a challenge. During this free, on-demand webinar, Kelley Hecht, principal executive advisor for […]

4 Steps to Attract & Retain More Donors Every Month

Photo of Chris Barlow, a white man with brown hair wearing a plaid button-down shirt behind an orange and peach background

Did you know that for every dollar spent attracting new donors via email, organizations generate about $40 in return (Source: Litmus)? That’s a pretty convincing equation, but in today’s competitive market with information overload, it can be difficult for nonprofits to consistently find and reach new prospective donors. So, how can your organization break through […]

Building Brands that Change the World: 5 Strategies to Leave a Lasting Impact

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With so much media content in the world, have you ever wondered how your organization can cut through the clutter and resonate with your audience? Soul Media CEO and Nonprofit Leadership Center trainer Emily Ghosh Harris says the key to building a brand that leaves a lasting impact is to look at the big picture […]

How to Use Data & Segmentation to Raise More Money for Your Nonprofit

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Want to raise more money for your nonprofit? The key to engaging more donors and prospects is having clean donor data that you can trust. With reliable data, you can segment and personalize your communications without having to craft each message individually. Data management and segmentation should go hand-in-hand in your fundraising strategy. During this free, […]

WATCH: Simple Strategies to Gain & Retain More Donors Every Month

Photo of Chris Barlow, a white man with brown hair and a mustache next to the words: Simple Strategies to Gain & Retain More Donors

Research shows that retaining donors is more cost effective than attracting new ones — but why should your nonprofit have to choose between the two? During this free on-demand webinar, you will learn:  A simple digital strategy to significantly grow your email list each month without adding extra ongoing effort How to create and offer […]