WATCH: Simple Strategies to Gain & Retain More Donors Every Month

Photo of Chris Barlow, a white man with brown hair and a mustache next to the words: Simple Strategies to Gain & Retain More Donors

Research shows that retaining donors is more cost effective than attracting new ones — but why should your nonprofit have to choose between the two? During this free on-demand webinar, you will learn:  A simple digital strategy to significantly grow your email list each month without adding extra ongoing effort How to create and offer […]

4 Important Insights from the 2023 M+R Benchmarks Study

A white person's hand typing on a computer with charts, graphs and magnifying glasses in white coming out of the screen indicating data

The M+R Benchmarks Study is an annual report that highlights the latest nonprofit data and trends in digital fundraising and marketing. The study looks at billions of emails and SMS messages, millions of website visits and thousands of social media posts from hundreds of nonprofits (215 in the most recent report to be exact).  Findings from the 2023 M+R […]