How to Become a Leader Others Want to Follow

Amarela Peqini, an Albanian woman with dark brown hair in a red suit jacket, talking with Charlie Imbergamo at a desk, a white male with grey hair and glasses wearing a grey jacket. They are both looking at a document and reviewing it together.

In today’s rapidly changing world, being a leader is not about a title or position on an organizational chart. It’s about committing to live, albeit not perfectly, the qualities that inspire trust, foster growth, and cultivate a culture of excellence. Becoming a leader others want to follow requires developing essential skills that are often difficult […]

16 Rising Nonprofit Leaders in Hillsborough County Chosen for Prestigious Leadership Program

Collage of diverse group of 16 women on colorful orange, blue and yellow backgrounds that appear on a bulletin board as polaroid photos

Leading a team can be stressful, even for the most seasoned managers. Yet many talented individual contributors are promoted to management roles without the proper training, mentoring and support. When that happens, organizations, outcomes and wellbeing are significantly impacted. According to a 2023 nationwide survey by Harris Research and Oji, inexperienced and unprepared first-time managers can […]