Six Traits of Inclusive Leadership

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“If you think you’re a leader and nobody is following you, you’re just taking a walk. Inclusive leaders walk the walk and live the values. They’re creating organizational cultures where people feel they can thrive and succeed.” These are the words Dr. Shirley Davis recently shared at the Nonprofit Leadership Center’s 2021 Leadership Conference. Dr. Davis […]

Financial Management for Nonprofits: The Role of the Nonprofit Finance Committee

Financial management can be intimidating for many nonprofit professionals, especially those new to oversight roles in nonprofit organizations. One of the primary oversight roles is that of the finance committee. What exactly is the role of a nonprofit finance committee? Why is the finance committee important? This introductory guide shares nonprofit finance committee best practices […]

Cybersecurity for Nonprofits: What You Need to Know

Companies rely on data for nearly every decision they make — evaluating programs, engaging audiences and setting organizational strategy. As the value of data has increased, so too has the rate of cyber attacks. From Marriott, Garmin and Yahoo to local nonprofit organizations, no one is immune to cybersecurity risks. So how can you protect […]

Video Marketing Tips for Nonprofits: 7 Ways to Create Better Videos on Your Phone

Should your nonprofit be creating more video content? Regardless of your available resources, the answer is yes. Video generates 1,200% more shares on social media than text and image content combined (Wordstream), and conversion rates increase when video is included on website landing pages and in email. But how do you create videos that move your audiences to […]

Why Employees Commit Fraud & Tips for Internal Fraud Prevention

Research has shown that U.S. adults tell an average of one to two lies per day. With COVID-19 and our expanding reliance on a digital workplace, fraud is on the rise and expected to continue. Fraud is more than making up a white lie to get out of an after-hours work event; it is the intention to […]

Best Career Advice for Nonprofit Leaders

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What is the best career advice you’ve ever received? That’s the question we recently asked our community of nonprofit and business leaders. Whether you’re a new professional just starting out or a seasoned pro, you’ll benefit from this career advice that nonprofit leaders say helped them throughout their journey. What is the best career advice […]

Yes, Nonprofits Have Customers: How to Prioritize Mission-Driven Customer Service

We’ve all been there. A sales associate starts explaining their return policy before you’ve even had a chance to speak. A service provider begins promoting the latest product without knowing what you need. Or a medical professional makes assumptions about your health before asking you how you feel. Customer service is about four simple words: […]

How to Silence Your Inner Judge: 4 Ways to Stop Negative Self-Talk

Being the last person picked for team sports as a child was an excruciating experience. I still remember the anxiety waiting to hear my name called, watching my friends go to the right or left to join a team as I remained rooted in place. Never good enough. Never chosen. Unwanted. In the small crevices […]

Four Critical HR Policies for Nonprofit Organizations

How you run your nonprofit organization determines its success, from the employees you hire to the policies and practices you adopt. When it comes to HR policies for nonprofit organizations, there are four human resource practices every nonprofit should have in place to operate ethically and with excellence. Even if your organization already has these […]