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17 Questions to Ask Your Team to Build the Best Culture

Carina Kleter, a white woman with brown hair in a bun wearing glasses, talking to Charlie Imbergamo, a white man with grey hair in a dress shirt
Nonprofit Leadership Center

According to research from, a whopping 96% of workers are looking for a new job this year, with many seeking a position that offers higher compensation and a healthy, positive work environment. When an organization experiences a shift in leadership or structure, it presents an important opportunity to engage staff in building the culture, team and vision for the future — one where everyone feels valued and supported.

The Nonprofit Leadership Center’s CEO, Charlie Imbergamo, MA, CFRE, recommends that leaders survey their teams and use that input as a starting point for a strategic dialogue to help build a work environment where everyone can thrive. Here are 17 questions he suggests to get started.


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) defines culture as “how an organization defines the proper way to behave within an organization.”

  1. How would you define our organizational culture today?

  2. What might we do, if anything, to improve our culture?

  3. List the things you have never understood about our organization. Don’t be shy!

Career Satisfaction & Growth

  1. Thinking about the tasks of your role, what things do you absolutely love doing?

  2. What things would you never miss doing again?

  3. List some things you’ve never been involved with before in your role for which you’d like exposure.
  1. If you’d like to grow personally and/or professionally, how can our organization support your growth more intentionally?
  1. Finish this sentence: When my time at this organization is done, I want to be remembered as ____________.

Team Dynamics

  1. What kinds of things, if any, would you like for us to continue or consider related to team building outside of work.

  2. How balanced are the current roles and responsibilities of our team?

  3. What should we consider as we reassess and rebalance roles?

  4. What other supports might we look for to be more efficient and effective?

  5. Fill in the blank: The best way I can commit to support the team is ______________.

  6. Describe the ideal team meeting (structure, dynamic, frequency, etc.).

Compensation & Recognition

  1. Rate your overall satisfaction with your total compensation (base pay, paid time off, flexible work schedule, retirement program, other incentives like bonuses, growth and development opportunities) related to your current role, with 5 being the highest.

  2. If you answered other than a 5, what could the organization do to make it a 5?

  3. When you think about work schedules for you and the team, are there things you would like for the organization to consider?

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