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Embrace New Beginnings: Unleash Your Potential in 2024

Nonprofit Leadership Center CEO Charlie Imbergamo, a white man with grey hair wearing a dark grey suit, looking to the right toward a speaker sitting at a table with other nonprofit professionals.
Charlie Imbergamo

An Open Letter to the Nonprofit Leadership Center Community

Happy New Year! As we find ourselves in the starting blocks of another year, it’s an opportune moment for reflection, renewal and resetting our sights on transformative growth. In the spirit of progress and impact, I humbly encourage every nonprofit professional to seize this moment by reevaluating learning goals for the year ahead.

Consider these three suggestions to frame your aspirations in 2024:

1. Set learning goals for the year.

Learning is leading. It’s essential to pinpoint specific areas where you and your nonprofit can grow and evolve. Spend some time in quiet reflection thinking about what this learning requires of you in your organization. Whether it’s enhancing your leadership skills, supporting your team’s journey, adopting innovative technologies, or refining program strategies, setting clear learning goals will be the compass guiding your path to success.

2. Foster a culture of learning to make learning fun.

Embracing a culture that thrives on continuous learning is not only crucial, it should also be fun! Encourage yourself, your team and volunteers to cultivate curiosity, embrace new ideas, and foster an environment where learning isn’t a destination, but a journey woven into the fabric of your organization’s DNA. One of the joys of leading at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is seeing the joyful, smiling faces of those who spend time unlocking learning through our programs!

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3. Share your goals and seek support.

Humans are social beings, and sharing the journey makes all the difference.

The Nonprofit Leadership Center is here to support you in your quest this year. Our team is committed to providing resources, practical guidance, and best-in-class training programs to help you and your nonprofit achieve your objectives. We are YOUR Nonprofit Leadership Center. Don’t hesitate to ask for the support you need.

Remember, it’s in these moments of reflection and intentional action that we pave the way for remarkable achievements. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of substantial progress, where learning fuels innovation and impact amplifies the stories of lives changed.

Wishing you a year filled with inspiration, growth and immense success!

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Charlie Imbergamo


A committed lifelong learner and a genuinely curious people-person, Charlie Imbergamo has 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, primarily serving in the education and pastoral ministry fields before transitioning to a career in capacity building, training and development. He was appointed the Nonprofit Leadership Center’s CEO in July 2023 after serving as director of strategic programs.

Before joining the Nonprofit Leadership Center, Charlie served as the founding president and CEO of the first Cristo Rey Network School in Florida, a college preparatory high school and corporate work-study program for underrepresented youth in East Tampa. Charlie has served in several executive leadership roles and on various boards of directors in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Florida. He volunteers for various organizations around the community, serves on his HOA board, and currently serves on the BayCare Behavioral Health Board.

Photo of Charlie Imbergamo from the waist up, a white male wearing a navy blue suit jacket and green tie with grey hair and a beard

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