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Three Ways to Enhance Your Leadership Growth in 2024

Charlie Imbergamo, a white made with grey hair and glasses wearing a grey suit stands at a podium speaking
Charlie Imbergamo

If you want to grow as a leader in 2024, there are three things you’ll need to prioritize: reflection, adaptability and continuous learning.

1. Reflection

Take time to reflect on your past leadership experiences and outcomes from the previous year. Analyze what worked well, what didn’t and why. Use these insights to reframe your approach.

Identify areas for improvement or growth and set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. For instance, if communication was a challenge, set a goal to enhance your communication skills by attending workshops or seeking a mentor or coach. You might consider participating in an upcoming professional development training event.

2. Adaptability

In a dynamic environment, adaptability is key. Cultivate a mindset that embraces change and uncertainty; after all, those are the only real constants. Instead of rigidly sticking to predefined plans, focus on agility. Be honest with yourself, and ask others around you to reflect on your agility vs. rigidity. Set goals that are adaptable and allow for flexibility. Consider creating milestone-based objectives that can be adjusted based on evolving circumstances. Being adaptable enables you to navigate challenges more effectively and seize new opportunities as they arise.

3. Continuous Learning

The strongest leaders commit to continuous learning and development. This could involve reading industry-specific literature, attending seminars or webinars, enrolling in courses, or seeking mentorship. Growth often stems from learning new perspectives, acquiring new skills, exposing yourself to new viewpoints and different people. Allocate time regularly for self-improvement and encourage your team to do the same. Share your learnings and insights with your team to foster a culture of continuous growth.

Centering your leadership growth and goal-setting around reflection, adaptability and continuous learning will provide a strong foundation for achieving your objectives in 2024.

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Charlie Imbergamo


A committed lifelong learner and a genuinely curious people-person, Charlie Imbergamo has 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, primarily serving in the education and pastoral ministry fields before transitioning to a career in capacity building, training and development. He was appointed the Nonprofit Leadership Center’s CEO in July 2023 after serving as director of strategic programs.

Before joining the Nonprofit Leadership Center, Charlie served as the founding president and CEO of the first Cristo Rey Network School in Florida, a college preparatory high school and corporate work-study program for underrepresented youth in East Tampa. Charlie has served in several executive leadership roles and on various boards of directors in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Florida. He volunteers for various organizations around the community, serves on his HOA board, and currently serves on the BayCare Behavioral Health Board.

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