learners are leaders

Studies show that capacity-building efforts, such as group training and professional development, can increase nonprofit performance, while strong learning cultures have been correlated with organizational success.*

As community needs continue to exceed nonprofits’ capacity to meet them, the Nonprofit Leadership Center provides training events and customized learning experiences for nonprofit professionals to strengthen organizations and our communities.

Nonprofit professionals and organizations participating in our events report immediate and long-term benefits.


Everything we do at the Nonprofit Leadership Center is designed to develop skilled and confident leaders advancing effective and sustainable nonprofits committed to a culture of learning and reflective of the communities they serve.

Specifically, the events and experiences we offer focus on:

how we measure impact

To understand the impact of our programs on nonprofit leaders and organizations, we conduct annual online surveys and one-on-one interviews with nonprofit professionals and C-suite leaders. Quantitative data is collected through Qualtrics and externally reviewed by third-party experts.

  • To evaluate outcomes for individual leaders, we distribute three online surveys to nonprofit professionals to capture their self-reported perceptions at different moments in time — immediately after event participation, 60 days after event participation and looking back across 12 months of engagement. For 2023, we had 611 partial and completed immediate post-event survey responses, 96 60-day survey responses and 211 annual engagement survey responses.

  • To evaluate outcomes for nonprofit organizations, we distribute an annual survey to nonprofit CEOs engaged with the Nonprofit Leadership Center. For 2023, we collected 23 partial or completed responses from nonprofit C-suite leaders. 


In 2023, we served 2,108 nonprofit professionals to help them achieve their learning and development goals. Nonprofit professionals who participate in our training events and responded to our surveys report increases in knowledge, confidence and job effectiveness. They cite the ability to connect with other nonprofit professionals, explore real-world examples, and walk away with practical strategies and resources as the most valuable aspects of their engagement.

98% of nonprofit professionals say their knowledge increased immediately after an NLC training class. 9 in 10 nonprofit professionals say they've applied concepts learned at NLC events to achieve a desired outcome.
93% of participants say they feel more confident in their leadership skills immediately after an NLC training class.
Nearly 9 in 10 nonprofit professionals agree their participation in NLC events has helped them be more effective in their jobs.


In 2023, we are proud to have supported 667 nonprofit organizations. Working in partnership with nonprofits across our region, we’re helping nonprofit leaders and teams achieve their goals and strengthen our communities. In 2023, 23 CEOs and C-suite-level leaders took our annual survey to share more about their experience and perspective participating with the Nonprofit Leadership Center.

7 in 10 C-suite leaders agree that participating in NLC events has helped their organization be more effective.

because where you learn matters

Because a person’s learning environment affects their ability to learn and connect with others, we’re proud that nearly 100% of nonprofit professionals participating in our classroom trainings say they are inclusive experiences where everyone is welcome and belongs. This data represents responses from 611 nonprofit professionals who took our online evaluation survey sent immediately after their classroom event.

For more information

For questions or more information about the Nonprofit Leadership Center’s impact strategy or annual impact report, please contact us at info@nlctb.org.

* Sources: Mizner, Klerman, Markovitz, & Fink, 2014; Gallup, 2019: Association for Talent Development, 2021