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Advancing Your Nonprofit Career: Certificate in Leadership vs. Certificate in Nonprofit Management — Which is right for you?

Charlie Imbergamo, CFRE Tips

Strong leaders know there is no finish line when it comes to learning. Leadership requires courage, curiosity, focus and adaptability — all while motivating and empowering others to do and be their best. Yet today, half of nonprofit leaders say they lack the knowledge, experience or resources necessary to be successful (Source: ProInspire). As a nonprofit organization that exists to support and build the capacity of other nonprofits, the Nonprofit Leadership Center is working to change that.

Through our Certificate in Leadership and Certificate in Nonprofit Management programs, nonprofit professionals can take their skills to new heights while strengthening their organizations and communities. But what is the difference between the two programs and how do you know which is right for you or your team members? Let’s take a closer look at each program’s purpose, program and requirements.

Choosing the Nonprofit Certificate Program That’s Right For You

Certificate in LeadershipCertificate in Nonprofit Management
EXPERIENCEFor new leaders who have fewer than three years of experience managing people or programsFor experienced leaders who are on or are aspiring to be on the senior leadership team at a nonprofit
LENGTH10 weeks
(5 sessions + coaching)
15 months
(four one-week courses + project-based follow-up learning)
PROGRAM FOCUSNon-graduate level program with a significant focus on leadershipFormal graduate-level program through the University of Tampa with a significant focus on leadership and management
CURRICULUMEmotional intelligence

Conscious leadership

Data-driven decision making

Cultivating effective teams

Facilitated leadership conversation
Thinking strategically

Marketing, research and communications

Financial management

Leadership and innovation
COACHINGFormal group coaching and individual coachingInformal coaching and mentoring
SELECTION PROCESSParticipants must be nominated by a leader and then complete an applicationParticipants must apply through the University of Tampa’s formal application process (no nomination required)
REQUIREMENTS TO GRADUATEAttend all sessions and complete all coursesCreate and present a nonprofit business plan to a committee of leaders
COST$400 (A reduced fee thanks to generous support from Florida Blue)$7,860 + books and parking; $3,930 with a scholarship

(Fees based on 2020-21 costs)

Investing in your personal and professional development is one of the most significant ways to strengthen your nonprofit and your community. Learn more about all our certificate programs and begin the first step in your career journey today.

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