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3 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work (without Working More)

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Margarita Sarmiento

Studies show that during an average workday, a person can lose up to three hours of productivity at work due to interruptions and time mismanagement. Given how much time gets wasted each day, most of us are only productive three days out of five each week.

Become a less distracted leader and start increasing productivity at work with these three tips.

3 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work and Stay Focused

1. Close your door more.

While having an open-door (or open inbox) policy is important for cultivating a strong culture, there are times when you need to minimize distractions, such as drop-by meetings, hallway conversations or constant Slack or Microsoft Teams messages. Let your teammates know that you need some time to focus on an important task and when you’ll be available later that day. Consider scheduling some focused work time during regular intervals each week.

2. Work out of the office.

Literally removing yourself from the daily distractions of the workplace, whether that is a physical or home office, can help you focus. Whether you take a few hours to work at a coffee shop or public library during their slower times or take a few hours to work outside, a new environment can help you be more productive from time to time. Need more proof? Check out this TED Talk: “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work.”

3. Schedule the big things.

Determine the time of day when you’re most productive, and spend those hours on your most important tasks, like creating a major gift solicitation strategy or writing your annual appeal letter. Schedule “busy time” on your calendar for those periods to protect that time from other demands or focusing on the “small stuff.”

Our nonprofit work saves and changes lives. It’s worthy of your focus. Don’t let the daily distractions keep you from changing our community.

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Margarita Sarmiento

Margarita Sarmiento is an award-winning international trainer and speaker, certified leadership coach and author. As the president and founder of ITK Consultants, she designs and delivers customized training programs to improve organizational and personal performance.

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