Impact in 2022: The Stories Behind the Numbers

Photo of Meriel Martinez, a Hispanic woman with short black hair, Charlie Imbergamo, a white man with grey hair and Emily Benham, a white woman with curly blond hair

If there’s one word to define our current decade, it’s change. In 2022, the world changed again. From new pandemic protocols and hurricanes to emergent laws around DEI training, it was another year full of unexpected moments. And as the world continues to change, the Nonprofit Leadership Center does, too — always striving to be […]

Sneak Preview: Classes Announced for 2023

If being more intentional about your personal and professional growth is one of your 2023 goals [HINT: It should be!], join the Nonprofit Leadership Center for a nonprofit training class or certificate program in the new year. We are pleased to unveil our 2023 Q1 event schedule. These learning experiences will strengthen your skills and your […]