The Secret to Stopping Overwhelm in the Workplace

A woman of unidentifiable race/ethnicity with short grey hair sitting in a training room, smiling as she learns with other nonprofit leaders

Nonprofit work environments are fast-paced and somewhat chaotic at times. However, working longer, faster, and harder is no longer the answer to enhancing productivity or improving overall performance. Organizations are hitting a proverbial wall with this approach, as it too often results in many working slower, shorter and less satisfied. “Today, there is a growing […]

Effective Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Nonprofit Talent

Photo of a Latina woman with dark brown hair wearing a peach top talking to a Black man in a workplace setting

Although nonprofit jobs comprise about 10% of the American workforce, nonprofits are experiencing a workforce crisis. In the most recent Nonprofit Workforce Survey conducted by the National Council of Nonprofits, nearly 3 in 4 nonprofits reported job vacancies (exceeding pre-COVID levels), primarily due to salary competition, budget constraints/insufficient funds and burnout. So how can nonprofits compete […]

Communicating With Confidence: 5 Tips to Communicate With Groups Effectively

Photo of BeverlyAnn Foster speaking into a microphone, a white woman with a black jacket and long, blond hair

According to research from the Project Management Institute, the biggest predictor of a project’s success — or failure — is communication. Their report found that project managers should spend 90% of their time on communications to ensure a project’s success, and up to 56% of revenue could be lost due to poor communication. So, how […]