3 Ways to Beat Burnout & Become a More Awesome Human

True or false? If you follow your passion, you will never work a day in your life. According to best-selling author and speaker Nataly Kogan, this is a myth. That’s because loving what you do doesn’t beat burnout; it often increases it. Nataly Kogan looked like a ray of sunshine as she stood in a bright yellow […]

WATCH: Managing Mental and Emotional Exhaustion

Image of a Black woman at her computer, closing her eyes and meditating.

In times of prolonged crisis, it’s easy to become emotionally exhausted. Mental exhaustion can cause both physical and emotional effects that can affect your personality and productivity. Mindfulness expert and therapist DrStem: Sithembile Mahlatini, Ed.D., LCSW shares the triggers of mental and emotional exhaustion and offers strategies you can begin using immediately to normalize your new […]

Self-Care Tips for Nonprofit Leaders

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Picture this: After a full day sitting at your computer, you’re finally putting the finishing touches on a major presentation when — BAM! — your machine makes a whirring noise and the screen goes dark. All your effort has been wiped out, and you wonder what to do next. We’ve all experienced similar moments of […]