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Five Classes to Make 2020 Your Nonprofit’s Best Year

We recently asked nonprofit leaders across Tampa Bay to tell us about the most challenging issues facing their organizations and the skills they need to overcome them. Overwhelmingly, our nonprofit community wants assistance improving their organizational culture, enhancing team dynamics and navigating changes in the workplace.

“We need to focus on communications styles, teamwork and how everyone isn’t like you — basic skills to navigate and improve tricky interpersonal issues across teams.”

“We could use more support in interpersonal skills, such as team dynamics and how to have crucial conversations.”

“There are employment trends that are affecting the nonprofit sector. I have a real tough time finding the right people in this changing environment.”

In response to your feedback and requests, the Nonprofit Leadership Center is pleased to announce our first five nonprofit training classes to kick off 2020 that address organizational culture, all led by expert Margarita Sarmiento. Two are back by popular demand, and three are completely new courses!


Join us for one or all of these upcoming training events to enhance your organizational culture for greater mission impact. Be sure to follow us on social media and be on the lookout for our emails announcing more new classes! For every additional staff member who attends after the first registrant, receive 10% off your registration fee!

Leadership Classes to Enhance Your Nonprofit Culture in 2020

Rewire Your Brain to Break Bad Habits and Boost Success (January 8, 2020)

Explore how personality, habit and routine affect your ability to get things done so you and your nonprofit organization can be more successful. How we work, what keeps us from doing our best work, and our daily habits and routines play a significant role in our productivity.

In this class, you will:

  • Understand the effect your personality has on your approach to goal-setting, developing routines, meeting expectations and changing behaviors
  • Learn tactics that may work better for you with your team in your organization
  • Review real-world habits and examples of very successful people
  • Walk away ready to devise a personal strategy for success

Learn more and register.

Work Interrupted: Take Back Control of Your Workday (January 28, 2020)

Do you want greater control over your time, and ultimately, your life? Studies show that during an average workday, a person can lose up to three hours to interruptions and time mismanagement. By identifying your most common disruptions and developing strategies to manage them, you can take back control over your day and increase your productivity — all while minimizing work-related stress.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn surprisingly easy and practical solutions to become less stressed, more productive and more successful
  • Explore real-life experiences and strategies for how to handle work interruptions
  • Discover how to add extra time to your day

Learn more and register.

Overcoming Unconscious Bias at Work (February 13, 2020)

What is unconscious bias, and how does it affect your interactions and decisions at work? Research suggests that diverse teams may be more productive but are often less connected. Why? The attitudes and biases we carry that we’re not even aware of can dictate our perceptions of ourselves and others. This influences our behavior, both at work and in life.

In this new class, you will:

  • Learn how unconscious bias impacts our beliefs, values and actions and contributes to organizational cultures that either foster or stifle diversity and inclusion
  • Better understand your personal unconscious biases to foster more genuine interactions
  • Consciously choose to create a workplace that encourages authenticity and inclusion

Learn more and register.

Managing Across Generations (May 21, 2020)

For the first time in our nation’s history, America has six living generations and five generations in the workplace. With a rapidly evolving landscape, people aren’t following previously defined career tracks. So how do you navigate today’s workplace and effectively manage across generations? This workshop provides managers and supervisors the necessary tools to successfully manage employees from all generations.

At the end of this seminar, you will:

  • Know how to recognize and understand the characteristics and core values of the five generations in today’s workplace
  • Understand each generation’s varying styles of communication, what they’re motivated by and their preferred leadership style
  • Discover tools and techniques to better manage, coach and mentor employees from each of these groups as soon as you get back to the office
  • Identify ways to create cross-generational teams that achieve results

Learn more and register.

Dealing Effectively with Conflict and Stress (June 17, 2020)

From unexpected surprises and small disagreements to potentially explosive situations, conflict and stress are a natural part of our lives. Understanding what your stress triggers are will help you better prepare for unforeseen circumstances that inevitably complicate your day and decrease productivity, morale and mission impact.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to stay cool and calm under pressure in any situation
  • Understand the necessary steps to minimize daily stressors to make your team more successful and productive (and your life more fulfilling and enjoyable)
  • Take back control by learning a proven strategy that will help you be upfront and honest in dealing with conflict, managing emotions and working through disagreements

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