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OrganizationEckerd Connects: Project Bridge
We're located in...Central West Florida
Our mission is...Eckerd Connects’ Project Bridge provides transitional services to boys and girls ages 11-21 reintegrating to their home communities from juvenile justice residential commitment programs.
We serve...Through an innovative collaboration of organizations, Project Bridge provides educational, mentoring, vocational and transportation services to help our young people achieve stable and successful lives and avoid re-entry into the criminal justice system.
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...Successfully discharging hundreds of youth across Central Florida
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Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

ECKERD CONNECTS | Project Bridge

The Eckerd Connects Project Bridge Advisory Council: Making a Difference . . . for Real

As a member of the Eckerd Connects Project Bridge Advisory Council, you can positively impact the lives of thousands of children in our state.  Our mission is to give every child an opportunity to succeed, and we do that by providing programs and services designed to help get their lives back on track.

For more than 45 years, Eckerd Kids has been giving children the second chance they need to become successful, independent adults.  With an annual budget of $100 million, each year Eckerd serves over 11,000 children in 8 states.  More than 100,000 children have been touched by Eckerd’s programs.

But we do more than provide programs.  Eckerd Connects provides solutions.

Our commitment to producing high-quality, measureable outcomes makes Eckerd Connects a nationally-recognized leader in services to abused, neglected, and troubled children.  Our advocacy efforts have helped bring children’s issues into focus in many states, and several initiatives to reform child welfare and/or juvenile justice programs are now underway throughout the country.

In order to sustain superior levels of service, we must maintain a fiscally-sound operation.  However, as state budgets are aggressively cut and margins squeezed, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain our high standards.  Identifying and maintaining new sources of philanthropic support is key to our ability to continue to enhance and expand our services to young people in need.

Eckerd Connects Project Bridge Advisory Council is like no other.  Here you will make a difference.




Project Bridge

Our ideal candidate is...

Those interested in making a difference with young people exiting the criminal justice system.

Our current board size is...15
We meet (when and where)...Monthly in Tampa, FL or via Conference Call
The time commitment is...Monthly
Contact...Amanda Jacobson, Pre-Service Coordinator, Central West Florida 727 401 0654
PostedSeptember 7, 2018