Board Listings

OrganizationSulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center
We're located in...Mann-Wagnon Park-Sulphur Springs 1101 East River Cove Street
Our mission is...TO cultivate and preserve the history of Sulphur Springs and its natural resources
We serve...All of Hillsborough and any surrounding areas
Our greatest accomplishment last year was...newly opened in February 2017-Smithsonian Exhibit- with over 900 visitors
You can view our most recent Form 990 at this
Serving on our board will be awesome for you because...

We have a great story to tell of a community that helped shape Tampa.  The majority of its historic building are still standing.  We have a great outreach program to the Sulphur Springs School, Y's after school program and neighborhood agencies.

Our ideal candidate is...

One who is outgoing, energetic and likes history.  Willing to participate  with programming, event planning and furthering our mission and the growth of museum.

Our current board size is...Seven for governance board- advisory board no number set- appreciate all volunteers
We meet (when and where) 1101 East River Cove Street- meetings usually on a Friday am dates are planned well in advance -but are flexible depending on peoples schedules. Meetings occur for planning.
The time commitment is...We try and meet at convenience of members/committee
Contact...Norma Robinson 813 935-9402
PostedFebruary 10, 2018