Meet Our Board

Aaron Crall, Treasurer
Clifton Larson Allen LLP

As a financial consultant serving nonprofits, I am blessed to be able to see first hand the great work the nonprofit sector does to serve Tampa Bay every day. And through the Nonprofit Leadership Center, I am proud to play a part in giving these mission-driven organizations the practical tools, skills, and knowledge they critically need to lead their organizations and make a significant impact in our community.

Sheff Crowder
Conn Memorial Foundation

As the founding chair for the Nonprofit Leadership Center, I can say that the vision from day one was to cultivate a nonprofit heart, a business mind and a leader’s spirit. The vision has not changed almost twenty years later. We also wanted to see this organization grow into an important regional asset for our local nonprofits. I am proud of our growth though am aware of the need for continued growth to better serve our local nonprofits.

Michele Hamilton
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager 
Florida Blue

In my role at Florida Blue, I’ve learned that communities thrive because of the hard work of nonprofit organizations. As a Tampa native, this has sparked a passion in me toward philanthropy—especially with organizations who are working to make our community a healthier place to live and work. Because of this, I feel that it’s critical for organizations doing this good work to have a resource like NLC to help them to develop, connect and grow stronger. I’m proud to serve on the Nonprofit Leadership Center’s board because they can provide this important support to nonprofit organizations which makes a meaningful impact in our community.

Christopher Johnson

Over a decade ago I made the decision to dedicate my professional life to the nonprofit sector and to also invest my personal resources into the organizations of my community as much as possible. Social sector agencies touch everyone in our community while directly impacting our quality of life. For these reasons I’m honored to serve the Nonprofit Leadership Center, which I view as a community leader working to ensure the vitality of so many organizations addressing our region’s most critical social issues.

Bill Fries

I am particularly passionate about the need for strong nonprofit board governance and best practices. I believe nonprofits that are governed by board members who understand their roles and responsibilities and who know how to ask for money, create impactful nonprofit agencies and thereby strengthen our local community, both nonprofit and for-profit. I love serving on the board of NLC because of the large number of nonprofit organizations it reaches and because NLC develops and connects nonprofit leaders so they can deliver better results.

Beth Houghton, Vice Chair
Executive Director
St. Petersburg Free Clinic

I love the empowering work of the Nonprofit Leadership Center, especially for smaller nonprofits who couldn’t otherwise afford the high quality training and resources provided by NLC. As a long time board member and executive at various large and small nonprofits, I have a passion for the work nonprofits do in our communities. I’m excited to be part of the Nonprofit Leadership Center.

Mary Lallucci, Secretary
Senior Vice President
Right Management

I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve on the Board for the NLC. I believe it is important to find ways both personally and professionally to give back to the community. As a senior executive, I have spent my career in organizations that help people. Currently, at Right Management we provide both Career Management and Talent Management solutions locally, regionally, and globally to our clients. This role has allowed me a number of opportunities to be engaged with several nonprofits. The Nonprofit Leadership Center shares my values around connecting and serving–as well as quality, innovation, and respect. I believe NLC brings a unique mix of services, and I consider serving on the Board a true privilege.

Julia Lucas
Corporate Counsel

We have so many wonderful nonprofits here in the Tampa Bay community, and there is certainly no lack of heart driving the missions of these organizations.The Nonprofit Leadership Center helps take these organizations and their constituencies to the next level by providing invaluable training to nonprofit executives, staff, and board members to enhance and develop their skills to serve their clients, communicate their mission and effectiveness to their supporters, and run a successful organization. As a business attorney I’ve been privileged to assist individual nonprofits in meeting their legal needs and by serving on various boards. I’m now excited to serve on the Board of NLC, reaching all of our Tampa Bay nonprofits and sharing with them how NLC can make them even more effective in serving our community.

Beverley McLain
Senior Vice President
Philanthropic Services
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

The Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay embodies two of my core values – lifelong learning and empowerment. Knowledge and understanding are things that further those values and can serve us in meaningful and even surprising ways. I am very proud to be a part of an organization that supports our nonprofit community with what I consider to be profoundly important and wide-reaching messages – personally and professionally. It is a joy and a privilege to get up in the morning and spend a part of my day fostering this mission.


Serving on the Nonprofit Leadership Center board allows me to help a much larger number of nonprofit organizations than I could possibly help individually.  What I have learned from working with the Nonprofit Leadership Center and also attending the programs we offer has enabled me to better assist my clients, which is an added bonus.  I hope that I bring a different perspective and experience to this strong and dedicated group of professionals.  The connections we make truly strengthen this sector of our community. 

Jessica Muroff, Chair
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors for the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay.I owe the success in my career to supervisors and leaders who invested in me, through professional development. As a CEO of a nonprofit, I find the NLC a great resource to provide training and expertise to the ever-growing nonprofit sector. My hope is that I am able to help advocate for more organizations in our community to invest in their employees and organization, providing similar opportunities I was blessed with.

Nancy Ridenour
PDR Certified Public Accountants

I’m passionate about nonprofit organizations in our Tampa Bay Community.  As a CPA in public accounting, I’ve provided audit and tax services to nonprofits since 1995.  I also serve on various boards in our community.  I‘ve taught at Nonprofit Leadership Center since 2012 and was honored to be asked to join the Board.  Teaching our nonprofits to be the best they can be is vital to growth and sustainability. 

Karen Seel
Pinellas County Commissioner

It is such an honor and privilege to serve on the NLC Board. As a life long resident and a Pinellas County Commissioner for 20 years, I am fortunate to be able to serve our communities. I have been on many not for profit boards and fundraisers including past president of the Junior League of Clearwater- Dunedin and Leadership Pinellas. In my elected capacity, my mission has been to cut through the silos and to connect needs with services throughout many different organizations.