How to Use Data & Segmentation to Raise More Money for Your Nonprofit

A room full of people raising their hands with their backs visible

Want to raise more money for your nonprofit? The key to engaging more donors and prospects is having clean donor data that you can trust. With reliable data, you can segment and personalize your communications without having to craft each message individually. Data management and segmentation should go hand-in-hand in your fundraising strategy. During this free, […]

WATCH: How to Prioritize Yourself in Our Nonstop World

Black woman with black hair with her eyes closed feeling stressed as four different hands show all the requests she is receiving for help

Research from McKinsey & Company shows that nonprofit professionals are particularly vulnerable to burnout. To effectively care for others, we must first care for ourselves. But that’s often easier than it sounds. Self-care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting your well-being, pursuing happiness, and being equipped to respond to stress with […]

15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Nonprofit Organization

Starting a nonprofit organization is a huge undertaking. Just like creating a business, it requires much more than compassion and commitment. Serious research, planning, strategy and identifying a deep community need are all necessary. With more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States all competing for the same attention, volunteers and resources, it’s important […]

Work & Lead Across Cultural Differences with the Intercultural Development Inventory

How much time do you lose when there is a miscommunication or conflict at work? What is the cost to your culture and performance when team members don’t understand each other’s perspectives or experiences? Overcome common workplace challenges and learn how to connect authentically across lines of cultural difference with the Intercultural Development Inventory®, or IDI®. […]

What the Individual Freedom Act Means for Your Nonprofit

In 2022, Florida passed the Individual Freedom Act, also known as the “Stop WOKE Act,” which makes it unlawful for an employer to require employees as a condition of employment to attend training on a variety of concepts, including some common elements of diversity training. Litigation to strike the Act’s application to employers as unconstitutional […]

Why & How Donors Give in Florida

Who is giving in Florida, how are they giving and what motivates them to donate to nonprofits? Find out in this free on-demand video where the Florida Nonprofit Alliance presents detailed findings from its Giving in Florida research. Giving in Florida, the first research of its kind in Florida, is a joint venture between Florida Nonprofit Alliance, […]

Conduct More Effective Nonprofit CEO Reviews with This Sample CEO Evaluation Form

One of the most important roles of nonprofit boards is overseeing and evaluating the CEO or executive director. But where do you begin this critical and challenging task? The Nonprofit Leadership Center’s sample CEO evaluation form is a helpful place to start the process. Our sample CEO performance evaluation template consists of five sections: 1) organizational […]

How to Build Mental Fitness: 5 Tools to Increase Your Leadership Resilience

Image of a Black woman at her computer, closing her eyes and meditating.

What if you could see every challenge as an opportunity to enhance your leadership, team and organization? It’s possible, but it requires mental fitness and leadership resilience. What is mental fitness? How do you increase mental fitness? What are the fundamentals of mental fitness and resilience? In this video, you’ll learn how to build mental […]

Volunteer Resources for Nonprofits

Five volunteers at a park picking up trash wearing blue T-shirts

According to the most recent report from the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 62.6 million Americans — about 1 in 4 U.S. adults — volunteer. LinkedIn reported that its users added more than 110,000 volunteer activities per month during the pandemic, double the rate of 2017. Given the significant, and often critical, role volunteers play, nonprofits must be armed […]

Hit the Pause Button: Your 25-Minute Self-Guided Reflection Break

Hit the pause button: A self-guided reflection break (words are red on light blue background)

Sometimes we all need to hit the pause button to think and reflect. You can finally do just that in this 25-minute self-guided reflection break. Designed by Nonprofit Leadership Center Trainer Ellen Nastir, this introspective video presents inspiring prompts and thoughtful questions, set to soothing music, to provide the time you need to discover the […]