Core Capacity Assessment Tool

Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Effectiveness: Understanding the Core Capacity Assessment Tool

Charlie D. Imbergamo, CFRE Resources

What if you could measure how effective your nonprofit organization’s leadership, adaptability, management, technical capacity, and organizational culture are in less than 45 minutes? With the Core Capacity Assessment Tool or CCAT, you can. The CCAT is an online, survey-based capacity assessment tool that collects information from organizational decision-makers to analyze your nonprofit and provide recommendations for ongoing improvement.

Finding Our Way Forward in 2021: Three Imperatives for Successful Leaders

Emily H. Benham | CEO, NLC Tips

While 2020 will likely be remembered for its relentless challenges, the lifelong learner in me is struck by the many lessons the past year taught us. Nonprofit leaders have stretched and grown faster than ever, being required to think differently, reimagine new ways of serving communities and speed innovations to deepen impact. While we can’t predict the future, we can …

Why Every Nonprofit Should Be Conducting After Action Reviews

Luis R. Visot, Ed.D. Tips

While serving as a training support battalion commander in the U.S. Army, my command had the responsibility of capturing learnings after every operation. Known as After Action Reviews (AAR), these assessments brought a group of stakeholders together to reflect and discuss a task, event, activity or function to identify the key lessons learned as well as steps for continuous improvement. …

The Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders: A Day-in-the-Life of an NLC Fellow

Team NLC Stories

Nonprofits are the lifeblood of our communities and often serve as a critical safety net for individuals and families, in good times and in bad. To help develop the next generation of nonprofit leaders who will move our dynamically changing sector forward with courage and impact, the Nonprofit Leadership Center (NLC) hires a resource development fellow each year to gain …

WATCH: A Quick Start Guide to Succession Planning for Nonprofits

Charlie Imbergamo | Director of Strategic Programs Resources

Every time a nonprofit has a transition at the CEO level, this shift in leadership impacts the organization’s financial stability, strategic direction and employee engagement. But a 2017 survey found that only 27% of nonprofit organizations have a succession plan. In this video, you will learn how to develop a robust succession plan for your nonprofit that addresses the three …

If You Want to Be a Courageous Leader, Do These Three Things

Team NLC Tips

From an early age, we’re told that if we work hard, we’ll be successful, and if we’re successful, we’ll be happy. But according to positive psychology researcher and bestselling author Neil Pasricha, that model is backwards. Neil says that being happy is what leads people to do great work, and great work creates success. Neil believes this so much that …

21 Rising Nonprofit Stars Welcomed into First Certificate in Leadership Program

Team NLC News

“Leadership is defined as leading a group of people or an organization, but it’s so much more than that. I believe an effective leader embodies self-awareness, social-awareness, compassion, integrity, confidence, empathy, trust and courage. Leadership requires all of these attributes and more. I’m excited to refine my leadership skills in the Nonprofit Leadership Center’s new Certificate in Leadership program.” — …

10 Questions with Florida Blue’s David Pizzo

Team NLC Stories

At the Nonprofit Leadership Center (NLC), we believe the best lessons in leadership come from leaders themselves. Our 10 Questions With Series celebrates and elevates nonprofit and business leaders who are making an enduring impact on our communities. Today, we’re pleased to introduce you to David Pizzo, market president of the West Florida Region at Florida Blue. Florida Blue is one of …

The X-Factor in Courageous Leadership: 4 Ways to Strengthen Your Mental Fitness

Ellen Nastir, M.Ed., PCC, BCC, CPCC Leadership, Tips

Authentic, trusting relationships are at the core of achieving the majority of goals in life — from personal happiness to career success and everything in between. But before meaningful and lasting relationships can grow, they must be rooted in the relationship we have with ourselves. Believe it or not, the most important conversations aren’t those you have with others; they’re …

Local Nonprofits Provide Support When Our Community Needs Them Most

Team NLC Stories

As our communities continue to navigate the challenges and deepening inequities brought on by COVID-19, nonprofit organizations haven’t let up on their commitment to individuals and families. As a nonprofit that exists to supports other nonprofits, the Nonprofit Leadership Center is shining a spotlight on the courageous leadership and innovation of Tampa Bay area nonprofit leaders and organizations. This week, …