Image of a Black woman at her desk honing her mental fitness

How to Build Mental Fitness: 5 Tools to Increase Your Leadership Resilience

Charlie Imbergamo | Director of Strategic Programs Resources

What if you could see every challenge as an opportunity to enhance your leadership, team and organization? It’s possible, but it requires mental fitness and leadership resilience. What is mental fitness? How do you increase mental fitness? What are the fundamentals of mental fitness and resilience? In this video, you’ll learn how to build mental fitness with five powerful tools …

Image of five nonprofit leaders who share tips for how to ask your boss for training

How to Request Training from Your Boss

Team NLC Tips

You’re ready to grow your skills and career. You’ve found the perfect professional development opportunity. But you’re not sure how to request training from your boss. What if they think it is too expensive? What if they say no? Most managers want team members who proactively seek personal and professional development, but asking your manager for training can feel awkward …

Introducing the Certificate in Leadership Class of 2022

28 Nonprofit Leaders Selected for 2022 Certificate in Leadership Program

Team NLC News

Leadership is paramount to succeed in today’s ever-changing world, but there is often a deficit in training and preparation for nonprofit professionals moving into leadership roles. To prepare the next generation of nonprofit professionals to lead our dynamically changing sector, the Nonprofit Leadership Center created the Certificate in Leadership program. This unique, 10-week learning experience brings together nonprofit leaders who …

Save the date for the 2022 Nonprofit Leadership Conference: September 28, 2022

2022 Leadership Conference: Called to Action

Jesica Davanza

  • 2022 Leadership Conference
    September 28, 2022
    8:00 am - 2:30 pm EST

For nonprofit leaders and organizations, the past few years have challenged and changed us. We’ve dug deeper and pushed boundaries. We’ve reinvented how to fundraise and engage. We’ve experienced immense energy and intense exhaustion. But leaders like you were called to nonprofit work for times like this. Join your peers and partners at the 2022 Read More


505 Water Street, Tampa, Florida, 33602, United States

Why have a DEI committee: DEI roles and responsibilities

Why a DEI Committee is Essential for Your Nonprofit: How to Get Started

Chris Johnson, Board Member & DEI Committee Chair Tips

Why is it important to have a DEI committee? What does a DEI committee do, and what are the DEI committee roles and responsibilities? Nonprofit Leadership Center Board Member and DEI Committee Chair Christopher Johnson answers these questions and more. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and concepts like DEI committees and DEI statements have become common topics on social media …

Quote from Emily Benham, CEO, NLC

From Battered to Better: The Path Forward for Nonprofits in 2022

Emily H. Benham, FAHP, CFRE | CEO, NLC News

A new year brings a fresh enthusiasm and energy for both the possibilities and uncertainties that lie ahead. Despite the challenges of the past two years (I will not mention the “p-word” — you’re welcome), I remain relentlessly optimistic about the outlook for our nonprofit sector. Although 2022 will likely be another challenging year in many ways, nonprofits and the …

Top 10 of 2021

The 10 Most Popular Nonprofit Articles of 2021

Team NLC News

Although 2021 introduced new and increasing challenges for nonprofit leaders and organizations, it also brought hope and optimism as our sector continues to lead bravely and act boldly to strengthen our communities. During the past year, nonprofit leaders turned to the Nonprofit Leadership Center most often for resources to: Increase emotional intelligence and resilience Embrace and promote diversity, equity and …

Words Have Power: 12 Words for a Successful New Year

12 Words to Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals

John Loblack, Ed.D. Tips

To get the most from the year ahead, use these 12 words — one for each month — to stay inspired to achieve your goals and find meaning in your work and life. One Word for Every Month January: Jaunty. It’s easier to move others in a positive direction when you carry yourself with energy and confidence. February: Feedback. Ken …