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What to Read When Life is Just No Fun

As part of our work to educate and empower nonprofits, we actively search out new and helpful resources to share with you. And today we want to introduce you to (or maybe remind you of) one of our favorite writers and thinkers: Jon Acuff.

Jon has written three booksQuitterStart, and Do Over. He is a passionate advocate of doing work that you love, and he writes and speaks about remaking your life so that Monday becomes a great day, not a drag. Jon creates and shares thought-provoking material in a light-hearted manner; the subtitle(s) of Start tell you all you need to know: “Punch Fear in the Face. Escape Average. Do Work that Matters.”

Jon spoke at our 2013 AND 2015 Leadership Conferences and is, without a doubt, the most popular speaker in that conference’s history! Why?

What he writes and teaches about really hits home for nonprofit professionals. We get into the nonprofit sector because we’re passionate about creating positive change in our community, right? But sometimes we’re so not so great at creating positive change in our own lives. Jon can help you there; he offers new ways of thinking about things and actions you can take to recharge your passion.

So when life is just no fun, here are three of Jon’s blog posts that we think you’ll like:

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