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Sneak Preview: Classes Announced for 2023

Nonprofit Leadership Center

If being more intentional about your personal and professional growth is one of your 2023 goals [HINT: It should be!], join the Nonprofit Leadership Center for a nonprofit training class or certificate program in the new year. We are pleased to unveil our 2023 Q1 event schedule. These learning experiences will strengthen your skills and your nonprofit organization. Explore the classes that are now open for registration during the first three months of 2023.

January 2023

Certificate in Grant Writing

To succeed in today’s competitive grant writing environment, fundraisers and nonprofit professionals must practice and master critical skills to develop winning proposals. During this interactive, four-day certificate program designed for those who are new to grant writing or have little or no grant writing experience, you will learn best practices for developing winning grant proposals from grant writing expert Abby Mackness. Sessions are on January 12, 19, 26 and February 2.




Certificate in Volunteer Management

The Certificate in Volunteer Management prepares today’s volunteer managers to recruit, retain, and recognize volunteers more effectively. Developed to address the challenges all volunteer managers encounter, this three-day virtual program led by Sara Leonard, MBA, CFRE, will help you gain knowledge and skills to use immediately when you get back to your organization. Sessions are on January 18, 25 and February 1.



Self-Care: Strategies to Replenish, Recharge and Reboot — January 17

Nonprofit professionals say they need to do more to nurture their well-being, yet self-care consistently gets put on the back burner. During this interactive workshop led by Ellen Nastir, M.Ed., PCC, you will have the time to reflect and will walk away with a definitive plan to easily incorporate into your day, as well as additional strategies to be more productive at work and happier at home.



Lead With Self-Awareness: PeopleMap Assessment — January 24

Self-awareness is a critical component of effective leadership. In this interactive training led by Ellen Nastir, M.Ed., PCC, you will discover your personality style and learn how to best communicate with others to avoid interpersonal conflicts — at work and in life.

By taking the PeopleMap™ assessment, you will learn your combination style of who you naturally are and be able to systematically incorporate the other “less like you” styles for achieving your goals. Knowing your strengths allows you to build upon them to maximize your effectiveness.



Building Bridges Through Intercultural Competence: Assessment — January 31

How much time do you lose when there is a miscommunication or conflict at work? What is the cost to your culture and performance when team members don’t understand each other’s perspectives or experiences? Overcome common workplace challenges and learn how to connect authentically across lines of cultural difference by taking the Intercultural Development Inventory® assessment. Trainer Meriel Martínez will help you assess your results and take steps to increase your intercultural competence.


February 2023

Rewire Your Brain to Break Bad Habits & Boost Success — February 8

Explore how personality, habit and routine affect your ability to get things done, so you and your nonprofit organization can be more successful. After this engaging class led by Margarita Sarmiento, you’ll learn tactics to better work with your team to set goals, develop routines, meet expectations and change behaviors.



Board Governance Rock Star Certificate (VIRTUAL) — February 8 & 15:

During two evening sessions that you can attend from anywhere, you’ll learn the fundamental nonprofit governance concepts every nonprofit leader should understand and practice. Led by Emily Benham, CFRE, FAHP, and Dr. Maureen Butler, you’ll explore case studies and learn best practices for:

  • Identifying, recruiting, onboarding and even releasing board members
  • Cultivating a successful board-staff partnership
  • Understanding board member roles and responsibilities
  • Competing governance models and governance trends
  • Planning and running successful board meetings
  • Budgeting, cash flow management and financial oversight
  • And more!

You’ll also build an invaluable network of nonprofit leaders you can consult anytime.



How to Prevent Your Unconscious Thoughts from Stifling Your Success — February 15

Research suggests that diverse teams may be more productive but are often less connected. Why? The attitudes and biases we carry that we’re not even aware of can dictate our perceptions of ourselves and others. This influences our behavior, both at work and in life. In this class led by Margarita Sarmiento, you will learn how unconscious bias impacts beliefs, values and actions and contributes to organizational cultures that either foster or stifle diversity and inclusion; better understand your personal unconscious biases to foster more genuine interactions; and consciously choose to create a workplace that encourages authenticity and inclusion.



Nonprofit Management Series (Begins in February)

Research shows that 70% of employee disengagement is due to a person’s manager. While moving into your first management role is exciting, it requires new skills that aren’t always clear. In this three-part series on February 21, March 21 and April 18, led by Missy McNabb, you’ll learn how to successfully transition into a management role and bring out the best in your team members.


Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management — February 22 & March 1

The Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management provides participants with the basic skills and knowledge needed to establish and maintain strong financial management of their nonprofit organization. With a focus on best practices, these training sessions led by Sheff Crowder and Teresa Craig will strengthen your ability to make sound decisions that affect your nonprofit’s programs and operations. They will demystify financial jargon and teach you about financial record-keeping. Training material uses easily understood and relevant case examples as well as engaging, interactive explanations for financial terminology, assumptions and concepts.


Fundraising 101: Certificate in Fund Development Fundamentals — February 28

Fundraising is essential to every nonprofit organization’s success. In this interactive training with Sara Leonard, MBA, CFRE, you will learn the basic skills and essential techniques to become a successful fundraiser, including how to begin drafting your development plan, how to develop and use a case for support, how to engage all staff and volunteers in reaching your fundraising goals and best practices for donor stewardship.


March 2023

Beyond Bias: How to Lead Inclusive, Diverse Teams — March 7

Inclusive leadership is about engaging and inspiring everyone to achieve more than what they imagine is possible. Join trainer Meriel Martínez to learn how to create a high-engagement culture that encourages the input and initiative of all employees.

Dare to Lead™ : Becoming More Courageous & Authentic — March 8

Fans of Dr. Brené Brown — renowned author, researcher, speaker and podcaster — will enjoy this interactive, deep dive into Dare to Lead™, guided by expert Liz Wooten-Reschke, MPA, CDTLF, CGT. This transformative class will provide you with tips and tools to jump-start your courageous leadership journey.

March 22: Work Interrupted: Take Back Control of Your Workday  March 22

Studies show that a person can lose up to three hours to interruptions and time mismanagement every day. During this popular session led by Margarita Sarmiento, you’ll learn how to manage and avoid interruptions to be more productive and less stressed.

Develop a Winning Fundraising Strategy — March 23 & 30

Whether you are building a new fundraising strategy, reworking an existing program or want to brush up on the latest fundraising strategies, this interactive course provides a comprehensive look at how to develop an ethical, sustainable and winning fund development approach.

During this two-day interactive program led by Sara Leonard, MBA, CFRE, you’ll explore how to best use an array of fundraising techniques to increase support for your organization, regardless of your budget size.

Creating Great Digital Assets: Strengthen Your Brand  March 28

From social media graphics and video content to website tools and apps, join Merrill Stewart, CFRE, to learn about the digital assets that are essential for your nonprofit, how they can enhance your marketing strategy and how to develop them — regardless of your budget or available resources.

Understanding and Managing Conflict: Conflict Dynamics Assessment — March 29

Research shows that managers spend more than four hours a week dealing with conflict and that conflict in the workplace has risen since 2008. Join Charlie Imbergamo, MA, CFRE, to learn how to manage and minimize conflict at your nonprofit by taking the Conflict Dynamics Profile® and developing a conflict management plan that works for you and your team.

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