Trainer | Sheff Crowder

Sheff Crowder earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Wheaton College and a Master’s Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.  Since 1993, Sheff has been serving as the President of the Conn Memorial Foundation that support social service and educational agencies working with low income children in Hillsborough County.  Sheff is involved as a financial analyst for the Conn Foundation and a nonprofit educator for the Nonprofit Leadership Center and the University of Tampa.







Contact Information:


Nonprofit Leadership Center programs:

  • Tools for Financial Management
  • Third-Party Evaluations: Understanding Charity Navigator and GuideStar Rankings
  • Strategy, Data & Collaboration in Community Intitiatives

What participants have said:

“Sheff is a very responsive presenter who takes the time to clarify and answer questions.”

“I really felt that Sheff was easy to understand.”

“Sheff is very knowledgeable.”